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Energy Efficiency Financing: The Absent, Invisible Hand

“How many of you live in a building that has had a deep energy efficiency audit? Do you even know? What about the building that you work in?” Marshall Salant, the Head of Citigroup’s Alternative Energy Finance Department, taunted the audience at the...

New York City: Wide Differences Found in Residential Buildings’ Power Use

The report, that was released on Friday by the city’s Office of Long-Term Planning and Sustainability, estimates that if poor-performing buildings in the city improved their efficiency and reached just the median level of energy use in their...

First-hand experiences from the “Faluház”

The Faluház beforeThe building was built in 1970; it was considered an example of Socialist apartment developments; the leaders of that time were very proud to have demolished the one-storey houses of the neighbourhood, mostly without amenities, and...

‘Honeycomb’, energy efficient building complex in Slovenia


Romania receives EU funding for improving the energy efficiency of its building stock

The budget of the financing scheme is €304 million, out of which €105 million comes from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the remainder of €154 million represent the national contribution.The projects will target blocks of flats...

Does energy efficiency raise house values?

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The first power plant based on thermal water opened in Oradea, Romania

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Energy Consumption Limits In Estonia To Get Stricter

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Bulgaria to Restrict Investor Interest in Renewable Energy Projects

In a Tuesday interview, Semerdzhiev announced that Bulgaria had 1500 MW of installed capacity of renewable energy projects. He noted that the annual production of these plants equaled the output of the AES Galabovo TPP (formerly Bulgaria's state-...

UK ranked most energy efficient of world's largest economies