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Ali Bagheri

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On the Evolution and Application of the Thermal Network Method for Energy Assessments in Buildings

This paper describes the evolution of the thermal network and its applications for making simplified thermal models of buildings by means of thermal resistances (R) and capacitances (C). In the literature, there are several modelling schemes for...

Energy and thermal comfort management in a smart building facilitating a microgrid optimization

Efficient energy operation of microgrids that include a localized group of controllable loads with distributed energy resources (DERs) requires the development of energy management systems (EMSs) with the ability of controlling the loads so that the...

Solar thermal and wind energy applications: Case study of a small Spanish village

The present work examines the supply of heating and electricity to the Spanish village of Uruena, using biomass and other local renewable sources as a result of the growing interest worldwide towards the development of sustainable and energy in-...

The adjacent walls effects in simplified thermal model of buildings

The thermal network method is a reliable approach to study the thermal performance of buildings. It is able to simulate the indoor temperature, heating and cooling loads by means of a set of ordinary differential equations. In this work, a 4R3C...

Field performance analysis of IEEE 802.15.4 XBee for open field and urban environment applications in Smart Districts

This paper analyses the performance of the Xbee-PRO IEEE 802.15.4 (ZigBee protocol) based Wireless Area Network transmission component for urban environment, as part of the Smart City concept. This embedded solution was designed to provide a...

Coupling Building Thermal Network and Control System, the First Step to Smart Buildings

Buildings are one of the main energy consumer and carbon emission sources in European countries. Population growth in cities may be effective for economic growth, but by considering overpopulated cities, making new efficient buildings and optimizing...

A scheduling optimization model for minimizing the energy demand of a building using electric vehicles and a micro-turbin

High energy demand in corporate and/or public buildings is nowadays one of the main reasons of excessive energy consumption.   At the same time, electric vehicles (EVs) have become very popular worldwide being a considerable alternative power source...