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Need a hand with finding the right green solutions for your city?

The European project URBAN GreenUP has released a digital tool to help cities identify the best Nature-Based Solutions to tackle environmental problems and become more resilient to climate change   Cities worldwide are having a massive negative...

Climate change: trees to the rescue

Bringing nature back into cities can help fight global warming.   Fighting climate change is the challenge of the century. The last UN Environment Emissions Gap Report warned that, in order to ensure global warming stays below 2°C, efforts...

Towards elections: which future for EU-backed nature-based solutions (NBS)?

The EU has heavily invested in projects to renature cities. After the European elections, a new executive will head the EU. What will happen to the NBS policy?   The so-called "nature-based solutions" (NBS) are the latest trend in the environment...

Renaturing cities: cooperation manifesto launched at the World Forum on Urban Forests

URBAN GreenUp and other EU projects jointly signed a document in Mantua, Italy, to promote and boost the adoption of nature-based solutions in urban areas worldwide.   “Nature is often seen as a problem,...

Urban GreenUP at the World Forum on urban forests in Mantua

URBAN GreenUP will play an active role in the event taking place from the 28th of November to the 1st of December 2018 in Italy   The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the Municipality of Mantova, the Italian Society of Silviculture...

Tackling the barriers that keep nature off the cities

The URBAN GreenUP analysis on obstacles hampering the implementation of Nature-Based Solutions and the related countermeasures is now available   Making our cities more sustainable and less harmful for the environment is one of humanity’...

URBAN GreenUP has released a NBS catalogue

The document provides a detailed description of the green urban interventions implemented by the project   URBAN GreenUP has released a Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) catalogue, which is publicly available on the project’s website. The...

Liverpool, a frontrunner city in re-naturing public spaces

The English city is leaving behind its maritime past by introducing innovative green solutions into its urban spaces   If you happen to swing by Liverpool in the future, you will probably see a tree urban drainage system...

How can the circular approach save our cities?

The state of the art findings on circular cities and their implementation at an urban level were highlighted in the conference on Circular Cities: Promoting Innovation in Urban Systems.   On March 12, a one-day conference took place at...

Reflecting on a greener future - URBAN GreenUP holds its periodic meeting in Izmir to study the project’s different facets and forthcoming actions

URBAN GreenUP consortium partners gathered together from the 16th to the 18th of January 2018 in Izmir for its 2nd Periodic Meeting, an occasion to share knowledge and progress on the implementation of urban renaturing plans in the front-runner...