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Raphael Bointner

Project Manager, Energy Economics Group (EEG), Vienna University of Technology (Academia)

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Promoting Integrated Energy Design and SEAPs among European Communities: AIDA project

The Integrated Energy Design (IED) concept is vital for a successful implementation of nearly zero-energy buildings (nZEB) involving different professions on achieving energy performance requirements since the very beginning of the design process of...

On the Forefront of nZEBs in Europe: AIDA Project

Highlighting the ability of conscientious architects and design teams to meet the challenges set by building owners, the AIDA compilation of Success Stories illustrates, through a dozen examples, real solutions to take building practice to nZEB...

AIDA - Affirmative Integrated Energy Design Action - First study tours

Array AIDA's first Austrian study tour will be on November 29, 2012 in Graz, Austria and AIDA's first Italian study tour will be on November 9, 2012 in Bolzano, Italy. Strategieforum und Gebäudebesichtigung am 29...