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EEPLIANT3 project

Energy Efficiency Compliant Products 3 EEPLIANT3 (Energy Efficiency Compliant Products 2018) is a pan-EU Concerted Action on market surveillance aiming to achieve impacts in line with the objectives of the Horizon 2020 ― Work Programme 2018-2020...

Insupanel project

Building the Green Way: Wide take-up of a versatile, proven, energy and cost efficient insulation technology   The objective of the INSUPANEL, project was born out of the demand from both society and current construction regulations to build energy...

HIROSS4all project

Home Integrated renovation One-Stop-Shop for vulnerable districts HIROSS4all Project will develop and implement an innovative integrated home renovation service (IHRS) for private residential buildings in two districts in the Basque Country (Spain)...

Build Upon 2 project

BUILD UPON2 proposes to address one of the main barriers stopping proper public management, and consequent upscaling of Deep Energy Efficiency Renovation: the lack of an adequate, widely shared Impact Framework.   Buildings are one of the biggest...

LABEL 2020 project

Objective   The EU energy label for products has been a key driver supporting innovation and market development for energy efficient products for more than 20 years. The label stimulated innovation by manufacturers and demand for...

OVERVIEW | Socioeconomic and technical approaches to building stock renovation

Renovating the EU building stock Deep renovation of buildings has the potential to cut 36% of their energy consumption by 2030, while reducing the EU’s dependency on imported energy, creating growth, innovation and employment, reducing fuel poverty...


BuildingGreen its a company driven to help architects, designers and other sustainability professionals make their projects greener and healthier.   Since 1985, BuildingGreen has been the trusted source on healthy and sustainable design and...
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BUILD UP News Alert 4 December 2019


Webinar on RELaTED project: Integration of Industrial Waste Heat in District Heating

What’s new in District Heating Systems (DHs)? DHs have traditionally been designed to be operated with central energy production facilities and a variety of distributed consumption locations (dwellings, tertiary buildings, etc). In...

RenoHUb project

RenoHUb aims to trigger a significant upscale of the energy retrofits of the Hungarian homes through the development of an integrated business model that is sustainable and cost-covering after the end of the project. RenoHUb intends to enable...