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BRE - Building Research Establishment Ltd

Concept, Objectives and Methodology   We are an innovative group of researchers, scientists, engineers and technicians who share a common goal – to make the built environment better for all.   We generate new knowledge through...


Concept, Objectives and Methodology   HYPERION aims to introduce a research framework for downscaling the created climate and atmospheric composition as well as associated risk maps down to the 1x1 km (historic area) scale, and...

CIRCuIT Project: develop urban planning instruments to support cities in implementing circular construction

Concept, Objectives and Methodology   To this day, many techniques, tools and approaches have been developed and tested either on a lab scale or in pilot buildings around Europe.   These demonstrations have served as great showcases...

OPEN DEI Project

Concept, Objective and Methodology   The EC communication “Digitising European Industry: Reaping the full benefits of a Digital Single Market” aims to reinforce the EU's competitiveness in digital technologies and to ensure that...

REFLOW Project

Concept    The vision of REFLOW is to develop circular and regenerative cities through the re-localisation of production and the re-configuration of material flows at different scales.   More specifically, it will use Fab Labs and...


Concept The primary aim of the VICINITY project is to provide the owners of connected IoT infrastructures with a decentralized interoperability.   The concept of decentralism is expressed by the fact that the platform includes...

ARtwin Project

Concept, Objectives and Methodology   Industry and construction 4.0 have high expectations of AR (Augmented Reality) technologies in terms of productivity gains and quality improvement. Numerous proofs of concept demonstrate...

BIMERR Project

Concept, Objective and Methodology​   Building Information Modelling is a critical element in the digitalization of the construction industry, which is necessary in order to unleash huge efficiency and productivity improvements.  ...

BIM4EEB Project

Concept, Objectives and Methodology BIM4EEB aims to foster the renovation industry by developing an attractive and powerful BIM-based toolset able to support designers in the design and planning phase, construction companies to...

ENCORE Project

Concept and Objectives   The main objective of ENCORE is to increase the share of renovated stock in Europe and worldwide by providing effective and affordable BIM tools that cover the whole renovation life-cycle (from data...