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RES-DHC project

Concept:   The renewable transformation of heating and cooling is underway but requires innovative next-generation policies. Currently, renewables are estimated to serve just 10 % of the thermal energy demand.   The implementation...

DoMWoB project

Concept and objectives:   In engineered wood products (EWPs), adhesives play an essential role particularly by helping save wood, making the structure light and robust, and moderating the expansion and contraction due to the...

Climate Chance Association

Context:   Since 2015, the Climate Chance Association participates in the mobilisation against climate change   Founded after the World Summit Climate and Territories which brought together climate actors just before COP21.  ...

CodeLEGO project

  Concept:   Construction and demolition waste (CDW) constitutes the largest volume of all solid wastes. As such, it poses not only an economic burden but also a threat to the environment.   Made up of a mix of materials generated...

GREEN-FRC project

Concept and objectives:   Reinforced concrete urban infrastructure poses significant, insufficiently addressed, environmental challenges due to impacts from cement, natural aggregate and steel reinforcement production.   This...

The Building Performance Association (BPA)

Concept:   The Building Performance Association (BPA) is a 501(c)6 industry association committed to redefining the industry by supporting policies that will improve and increase the expansion of home and building performance,...

Buildings & Cities

Concept and objectives:   Buildings and Cities is an international, open access, peer-reviewed, academic journal publishing high-quality research and analysis on the interplay between the different scales of the built environment:...

ngCon project

Concept:   Concrete is one of the most consumed materials on the planet. It is cost-effective and efficient for the construction of buildings and infrastructure, making it almost irreplaceable in the construction sector.  ...

NRG-DEAL project

Concept and objectives:   Thermal insulation of construction and building elements has become the most important measure to enhance energy savings in new and existing building stock. Stricter regulations (such as 2019/2021 EU...

Webinar | The experience of VEEP and other projects promoting circular economy for buildings

  Around 400 million tons of construction and demolition waste, excluding excavation materials, are yearly generated and then mostly landfilled in EU.   On the other hand, concrete is the most widely used material in building, with a growing trend...