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BUILD UP News Alert 4 March 2021


Webinar | Smart buildings: meet EU innovators

With a staggering 97%[1]  of the housing stock estimated as being energy inefficient, the building sector represents a tremendous potential for energy savings, that still needs to be unlocked.   To that end, buildings need to transform from...

RE-FRACTURE2 project

  Concept:   The steel industry has long held a strategic place in the EU economy, fostering innovation and growth and providing employment opportunities.   To keep up with the increasing demand for steel, it is important to reduce...

HIPERMAT project

  Concept:   With climate change becoming even more concerning and dangerous by the day, innovators across many industries and sectors aim to develop and introduce products and technologies that are environmentally safe.   These new...

VITO Research Organisation

Concept:   At VITO, their aim is a society where sustainability is the norm. They are working on global projects to promote the transition to sustainability. They create innovative technological solutions and actively share their ...

ComAct Project

Concept:   The countries in the Central and Eastern European (CEE) region and in the former Soviet Union republics (CIS region) have the most energy-poor people in Europe.    This is mainly due to high energy prices and poor energy...

Smart Readiness Indicator for Buildings

Concept and objectives:   The 2018 revision of the European Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) aims to further promote smart building technologies, in particular through the establishment of a Smart Readiness Indicator...

Expert Interview - Stijn Verbeke, senior researcher at EnergyVille/VITO and University of Antwerp

Stijn Verbeke is senior researcher at EnergyVille/VITO and University of Antwerp. He is an innovator on smart buildings and data-driven tools for improving the energy performance of buildings and districts.   Stijn holds a PhD degree in applied...

First meeting of SmartBuiltEU Task Forces

The SmartBuilt4EU project launches its first workshop to identify barriers, challenges and opportunities to support the take up of smart buildings in Europe.   This session will introduce the four task forces that will each address a specific theme...

SeRaMCo project

Concept and objectives:   The construction sector is the most resource intensive industrial sector in the EU. It uses around 50% of the available primary raw materials, hence exhausting the natural resources, degrading environment...