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Lund: residents key to ensure support for retrofitting works

RESIDENTS SAY “YES” TO NEXT WAVE OF RETROFITTING IN LUND, SWEDEN   Good communication and meaningful engagement with residents is key to ensuring support for retrofitting works at the Linero demonstration site of CITyFiED.   ...

CITyFiED project: ongoing benefits of deep renovation in Valladolid

Feeling the benefits of deep renovation in Valladolid     In the Torrelago district, cumulative improvements of the deep renovation works conducted as part of the CITyFiED project are beginning to be seen and felt by partners and...

CITyFiED Project: Udine Italy - cluster cities committed to energy efficiency

Leading Europe’s energy transition and efficiency revolution: Udine, Italy extends its welcome to the CITyFiED network of 50 European cities   The growing importance of cities as drivers of climate change is hard to miss. Today,...

Biomass: a green source of energy?

A wider use of waste and an accurate evaluation of the context are crucial to improving the sustainability of one of the most important sources of renewable energy in Europe   Bioenergy represents two-thirds of the energy produced from renewable...

SEAPs and CITyFiED project communities: interview with Aberdeen Councillor

CITy Voices: Councillor Ramsey Milne Interview with Councillor Ramsey Milne, Aberdeen, Scotland Why did Aberdeen choose to participate in the CITyFiED project, and how does it fit in with your energy and environment strategy...

Doors wide open at CITyFiED demo sites during the European Sustainable Energy Week 2015

The European Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) took place from 15-19 June and provided the backdrop for the MySmartCityDistrict initiative to hold a series of events dubbed OpenHouse from across four member projects - CITyFiED, R2CITIES, ZenN, and EU-...

New smart energy districts and social acceptance: a lesson from Spain

Torrelago, one of the largest residential districts in Europe, is experiencing a green revolution which is expected to be a model in Europe. This district is located in the Spanish city Laguna de Duero (near Valladolid) and has more than 4,000...

Smart cities: emphasis on development of the replication model and methodology emphasized in the CITyFiED project meeting held in Turkey

A lively and productive working environment was obtained at the second CITyFiED project meeting held in Izmir and Soma, Turkey, 24-26 March, 2015. The project consortium went straight to business, with a first day dedicated to key project issues and...

CITyFiED project Study Tour: Retrofitting interventions at Soma demo site in Turkey

Nothing can replace the value and insight gained by a hands-on visit. This was the case when members of the project consortium and cluster cities combined a recent project meeting with technical visits at the Soma demonstration site. The...

Accelerating delivery of smarter cities and districts to achieve our energy goals: an invitation from the CITyFiED project

Making substantial reductions in energy demand, green house gas emissions and incorporating renewable technologies at district and city level is a tricky task.   A new community of cities is discovering real solutions with real impact as part of...