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District heating carries geothermal energy into homes, thereby reducing fossil fuel consumption

Geothermal energy can be very useful for delivering heat to buildings, safeguarding the environment while generating economic benefits. District cooling systems are also becoming increasingly...

The IN-PLAN introduction to an integrated vision for energy, climate, mobility, and spatial planning

Integrated planning has gained increasing relevance in tackling complex planning challenges and facilitating the local implementation of actions to meet energy, climate, and sustainability targets.   Achieving the...

The second course on 5GDHC is already online!

The EU supports the uptake of smart and low-temperature district heating and cooling (DHC) networks to speed up the process of decarbonisation and to achieve a climate-neutral economy by 2050 (European Green Deal)....

Paris-Saclay district heating and cooling grid: Veolia takes over the operation!

The Paris-Saclay district heating and cooling grid is one of the five pilot sites from D2Grids European project. It is the first 5GDHC grid in France, including an ambient temperature loop.   In 2015, the Etablissement public d'...

How to stay warm and save energy: Insulation opportunities in European homes

Since the war in Ukraine in early 2022, the energy crisis has only become more urgent. The question of the EU’s energy security and dependency from fuels import has been on the front of political and social debates. Paired with sky-rocketing energy...

How has construction project management software transformed home building today?

The construction industry, just like any other, has been evolving for many years. This includes the materials, technology, technique, and many other elements that have all developed over the years. Most eras related to architecture...

Open Call: innovative financing for local & regional authorities

On 2nd March 2023 PROSPECT+ - a capacity-building project funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 programme - will open a call for cities, regions and local energy agencies to improve their financing capacities when...

Discover the first Belgian candidates for the Green Solutions Awards

Building Administrative house of the Province of Namur Entirely built in wood and steel on two levels 3.6 m high, placed on steel piles, the building is covered by a submerged roof serving as a water tower and...

How to ensure security of heat supply and at the same time decarbonise district heating? The Polish case-study

Regulations dedicated to the transformation of district heating sector are one of the key areas of the Fit for 55 package being at the very moment discussed in the EU institutions.   At the level of the European Union as a whole,...

Built Environment leaders implore Members of European Parliament to take ambitious climate action on EU Building Law

 With a crucial vote fast approaching on the EU’s key piece of building legislation, a coalition representing 35 organisations is calling on politicians to seize a once-in-a-generation opportunity to eliminate carbon...