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Future of the Covenant of Mayors in Europe

Find out what are the results of the survey done during the summer 2020 for the collection of the views on the future of the Covenant of Mayors initiative in Europe with the participation of local and regional authorities.   Our office conducted an...

Climathon 2020: Citizens across the globe are eager to contribute to a post-COVID sustainable recovery

Over 4,500 citizens from around the world will join forces and take action this week-end as part of EIT Climate-KIC’s Climathon 2020.   The programme unites policymakers, entrepreneurs, youth, business leaders, hackers, academics, students and...

Madrid, Amsterdam and Milan: Three cities putting citizen participation at the heart of climate action

The Extinction Rebellion or Fridays for Future global actions have shown that citizens around the world want to have a say in climate decisions.   For EIT Climate-KIC, it is of paramount importance to create the links between decision-makers and the...

EIT Climate-KIC selected to become a member of the European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform

EIT Climate-KIC circular economy expert, Cliona Howie, will join 23 other experts at the European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform Coordination Group and represent EIT Climate-KIC and the Circular Economy Cross-KIC Initiative.   The transition...

[D2GRIDS] #5 - The D2GRIDS project newsletter

At a time when our cities are facing many challenges, paving the way towards sustainable solutions to make our cities more resilient and liveable is essential.   As a low-carbon, smart and circular energy grid, 5th generation district heating and...

World Green Building Council highlights innovation in the sustainable building sector with Building A Better Future series

Produced by BBC StoryWorks, the World Green Building Council (WorldGBC) films explore how sustainable buildings can address climate, health & wellbeing and resource efficiency issues.    11 November 2020, London, UK — World Green Building...

[Book] Circular Economy : From Waste Reduction to Value Creation

Due to the challenges of climate change, the collapse of biodiversity and an increase in inequality, it has become necessary for us to change our habits and to embrace what some might call a “Copernican revolution”.   This collaborative book argues...

The hidden treasures of renovation : Results of the HQE Performance LCA renovation test

A Renovation Wave, which will accelerate the decarbonisation of buildings, is an initiative highlighted in the European Green Deal as an essential to achieving a carbon neutral Europe by 2050.   Buildings account for 40% of the European Union's...

The myth of increased costs in sustainable building

“I would like to build more sustainably, but the costs…”: The fear of additional costs due to sustainability often leads to doubts and hesitations during planning and implementation. A new study from Denmark now shows with regard to new building...

5th generation district heating and cooling: a new platform to help you start your own project

Low-temperature district heating and cooling are setting the way towards decarbonising our cities. To this aim, 5GDHC by delivering low-temperature heat and cold to connected homes in a circular way, is a promising way to decarbonize our cities.  ...