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The European Union has the tools to boost a sustainable recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, say TEG experts

In a statement released today, the Technical Expert Group on Sustainable Finance (TEG) describes how existing EU tools (e.g. EU taxonomy, EU Green Bond Standard, Climate Transition Benchmarks) can inform a sustainable recovery from the COVID-19...

Coronavirus: we're in a real-time laboratory of a more sustainable urban future

A pause has been forced on urban life. Quiet roads, empty skies, deserted high streets and parks, closed cinemas, cafés and museums – a break in the spending and work frenzy so familiar to us all. The reality of lockdown is making ghost towns of the...

Life Cycle Assessment and straw construction

Life Cycle Assessment, or LCA, is an environmental accounting and management approach that considers all the aspects of resource use and environmental releases associated with an industrial system from cradle to grave.     Specifically, it is a...

Inter-seasonal heat storage: a solution studied at the Paris-Saclay site to adapt the tempered loop to the specificities of 5GDHC over the long term

Heat storage to balance production and demand is one of the basic principles in the definition of 5GDHC systems, 5th generation heating and cooling networks. It can be carried out on different time scales (short term and long term) and be of...

Heating homes in Amsterdam with a "waste-to-energy" source grid

In Amsterdam, Waternet, the water company for the city, housing corporation De Key, and energy infra-specialist Firan have joined forces to explore options for a heating grid with heat from waste water, a source grid with 'waste-to-energy' (WtE)...

Advancing the Energy transition through “Clear, relevant and actionable messages”-Read Marie Donnelly’s interview

Marie Donnelly is currently Chairperson of Renewable Energy Ireland. She is also a non-executive director of Tipperary Energy Agency; and E3G. She previously worked as Director for Renewables, Energy Efficiency and Innovation for the Energy...

Renovation of a sports hall with blow-in-straw technique

The municipality of Tilburg was very pleased to be invited by the National Straw Building Association of the Netherlands (SBN) to join an international project to pilot the use of straw in the renovation of an urban building.   In the past Tilburg...

Thor Park : First regulatory sandbox for energy approved in Flander

As a following region in the D2Grids project, Thor Park in Genk (Flanders) has announced a big step in the development of a fully sustainable campus. This science and technology park has become the very first regulatory sandbox for energy in...

D2Grids and Nottingham City Council at forefront of exciting future for mine energy in UK

As an active D2Grids partner, Nottingham City Council will be commissioning The Coal Authority to undertake a mine energy study for a proposed pilot district heat network at the Crabtree Farm Estate, Bullwell, Nottingham, UK. Around 60 homes managed...

[#Quarantine - Webinar] : Digital Transformation in Construction. Thinking One Step Ahead

The coronavirus outbreak is not only a health crisis of all humankind but also — an imminent restructuring of the world order. It is having a growing impact on the global economy, causing economic slowdown and, ultimately — economic shock.   This...