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Home + Creche Les Lilas

The project ZAC des Lilas (Paris, 20th) consists of a residence, a youth worker and a nursery, it s' part of a sustainable development approach and strong ambition obtaining Habitat & Environment certification Option A Profile Performance Label...

Allocation Fund Family Cotes d'Armor

 The design team worked very early in the project to combine in a common sense approach an architectural quality, environmental quality and economy Project.This approach leads to transverse processes that combine scales . A route from the general to...

CASE DI LUCE: Urban regeneration and sustainable architecture zero energy - Bisceglie

CASE DI LUCE is a project of sustainable urban regeneration highly innovative which involves the replacement of urban industrial sites abandoned, by the considerable environmental concerns, with a new urban model highly sustainable and...

Kima house

On the south side of the Loire Valley, the land is home to a house with curves and slender shapes that opens onto a landscape typical of Loire Atlantique. Its concave and open plan berries gives home bioclimatic features. From the living areas, can...

4 housing concrete hemp

 building 37 Myrha street in the 18th arrondissement of Paris consists of 4 housing (3 and 1 duplex T3) and a local business. The project meets the Paris Climate Protection Plan and Habitat & Environment certification is the result of a...

Pole SSR Hospital of New Orleans

Pole SRH 120 beds in the heart of New Orleans Hospital. Legibly mark with its identifiable marking the ellipse south of the city and the entrance area of ​​the Source, offering a landscaped setting quality NHO develops a compact horizontal...


As part of the urban development plan of the area surrounding Delicias Train Station, Zaragoza City Council seeks to create an urban space characterised by the use of new technologies; this is how the Digital Mile project came into being. The CIEM...

New Headquarters of Aquitanis

 Noticeable from the Aquitaine bridge, the new headquarters Aquitanis jauntily emerges between the lake and the activity park Bordeaux-Lac on this stretch of ground gained in the 60s on the marshes of North of Bordeaux. From afar, the first striking...

Air and Light House, VELUX Model Home 2020

Project type : New ConstructionBuilding Type : Isolated or semi-detached houseConstruction Year : 2011House 2020 energy objectives. Urban environment : To meet the criteria of environmental, societal and urban requirement of the project, the...


SDEM56 Headquarters:Syndicat des Energies Departmental Morbihan is a building of 3300 m² with a storage system powered by green energy with 850 m² of solar panels and two wind turbines. Energetically efficient, labeled "Passiv Hauss' with a...