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Winner of the SUB Award 2013

Score Building Country1 Omnia Energia Spa head Office Italy2 La Casa del Sole Italy3 Restoration of San Cristobal House Spain4 New agency Groupe-6 in Grenoble (38) France5 GALLERY HOUSE  Italy6 Casa Borghesan-Corti CasaClima B+ Italy7 DOMUS SOLIS...

The world's greenest office building?

Will this be the greenest office building in the world? Read more on Construction21

Green Job Training and Green Buildings in Belarus

I was invited to speak about "Creating a Bright Green Construction Economy" and tried to make a convincing argument about the growing importance and (...)Read more on Construction21

Construction21 sets a new international governance

Construction21 will soon reach the end of the European funding that enabled its creation via a 2-years IEE project of the European Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation, EACI. The founding partners of the portal had to set up a self-governance...

SUB Award 2013 - winners present their case studies

To watch the ceremony follow the link:  Read more on Construction21

Launch of Construction21: International - 23 April Brussels

The event location was the Aloft hotel in Place Jean Rey which was chosen due to the green features the hotel has incorporated into its design, construction and operation.  The event was preceded by an internal planning session of the partners...

SB Conference Series wins the CIB award to Sustainable Building

This conference series takes place in three year cycles. Preparation and organisation happens in the first year; the second year hosts Regional Conferences all over the world; and the third year sees the World Conference. In this edition, Regional...

BuildTog: European research and construction project enters into construction phase

The project will be presented during the 17th International Passive House Conference in Frankfurt/Main, Germany on April 19-20, 2013.   BuildTog is driven by the European Housing Network EURHONET, the French architect Nicolas Michelin with his...

24 dwellings in Cerdanyola del Vallès located in the Directional Centre


Hemiciclo Solar

 Hybrid ventilation and heat recoveryA hybrid ventilation system, natural and mechanically assisted, is installed. Well dimensioned window openings and solar chimneys enhance ventilation flows in summer. Heat recovery devices reduce...