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Agile Standards Management - Better BIM Management (20 Minute BIM Webinar Series)

Ten Episodes:   Five Steps To Better BIM Management BIM Execution Planning - BEPs 101 How do you contract for the right BIM at the right time? Lean BIM Management 101 Did You Get The BIM You Paid For? Agile Standards Management Building Lean BIM...

[D2grids] Old coal mine district heating

Mijnwater B.V. is building a new network of pipes in Heerlen that will supply cooling and heating to homes, offices, stores, and industrial businesses. It is a circular energy network that stores heat or cold for a later time. What makes it unique...

Sustainability with top marks: highlights of 2019

A DGNB Certificate in Platinum means meeting the highest standards for holistic quality in all aspects of sustainability – for new buildings as well as buildings in use and urban districts. To kick off the new year, we would like to take time to...

Unbuilding cities as high-rises reach their use-by date

We are entering a new world where skyscrapers and other huge buildings are becoming redundant and need significant overhaul or replacement. The process is called unbuilding or, if you’re a bit highfalutin, deconstruction.   These so-called ...

EIT Climate-KIC’s work in Slovenia

Last November, the Slovenian parliament passed a motion to adopt an EIT Climate-KIC-led proposal called “A Deep Demonstration of a Circular, Regenerative and Low-Carbon Economy in Slovenia,” signalling that a system change approach supported by key...

ManagEnergy Expert Mission to Lyon, France

The ManageEnergy Expert Mission To ALEC Lyon – the local energy agency of the Lyon Municipality – was completed on the first week in January. The goal of the expert mission was to understand how the agency could best scale up Global energy...

# 19 Anticipating climate change effects by building our cities

Having a Mediterranean climate like that of Badajoz, a city in south-eastern Spain, in Paris in 2080 may seem a cheerful prospect... and finally not as dramatic as the alerts suggest?   However, Badajoz's summer climate is dangerously close to the...

#20 Synthesis of "hot climates" case studies - Green Solutions Awards 2019

Construction21 is committed to presenting case studies of "exemplary" buildings, infrastructures and neighbourhoods that can inspire professionals in the sector to renovate or build sustainably. An important category of our database is "Energy and...

#21 The headquarters of the Guadeloupe National Park (REX)

Périne HUGUET, the architect for the project management team that built the headquarters of the Guadeloupe National Park. The team was also composed of : Eric Ramlall, Laurent Lavall, Frédéric Pujol architects, BIEB structural design office and VRD...

#22 Diamniado's Ecopavilion

Business centre, hotels, universities, hospitals, residential areas, etc., Diamniadio is the new city imagined by the Senegalese government to relieve Dakar and its 3 million inhabitants.   Considered as the city of tomorrow, it will certainly be a...