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A demonstrator project to use of the Blockchain on a 5th generation heating network

Nowadays, heating networks are mainly managed by a single operator running all production means and centralising billing to subscribers.   The paradigm shift proposed by 5th generation district heating and cooling (5GDHC) paves the way towards a...

A sustainable buildings framework for all : Europe at the forefront of the green transition

The EU aims to lead by example on the issues of sustainability, circularity, and zero carbon emissions. Further fuelled by the health and economic effects of the COVID-19 crisis, 2020 is proving to be “the” year for Europe’s green transition.   The...

Franco-German Energy Forum: Europe post-COVID-19 – political and economic agendas for the energy transition and the fight against climate change.

On November 3rd, 2020 the Franco-German Energy Forum "Europe post-COVID-19 - economic and political course-setting for energy system transformation and climate protection" will be held.   The conference will be broadcast live from the Federal...

Mutual learning on carbon neutrality and carbon finance

Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Energy Environment Agency (AURA-EE) organised a workshop with 2 local public authorities from different regions.   The objectives were, thanks to the C-Track 50 project, to share experience on carbon neutrality strategies but...

[Video] The Green Solutions Awards, a competition of solutions for a more sustainable world

Making real sustainable solutions emerge from territories, promoting them and contributing to their adoption by a growing number of professionals, these are the purposes that the Green Solutions Awards, the international competition organised by the...


We all like it to be comfortably warm, not too warm though, so thermal comfort is important! To realise the energy transition in an efficient manner it's crucial that the right energy sources are used for the right applications and that the right...

Five countries to become the field of behavioural experiments to encourage energy efficiency habits

Achieving the full energy transition potential calls for a paradigm shift, and many solutions are investigated to involve as much people as possible and support them reducing their energy consumption.   This September 2020, 10 partners gathered...

Towards zero energy buildings in Europe: LowUP Final Conference

LowUP is a European Union project aiming at developing and demonstrating cutting-edge solutions for net-zero energy buildings.   About this Event After 4 years of intense efforts of research, development, and innovation, LowUP partners are happy to...

How to optimise district energy flexibility

Improve efficiency and balance the energy system at the same time!In the district energy networks, there are many ways to utilise cost-effective flexibility.   However, it is a challenge to optimise these more complex systems. The Flexi-Sync project...

Plastic, construction and bio-waste - too valuable to waste

Cities around Europe are piloting and implementing solutions to become more circular. Plastic, construction and bio-waste are three of the waste streams cities are seeking to reduce or reuse due to their environmental impact and socio-economic value...