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GSA Trends 2019 #5 Technological solutions: a second wind

Low tech and low carbon do not mean the end of technology.   On the contrary, these Green Solutions Awards seem to show that "technosalvation" is not the only alternative on well-designed projects.   A look back at the 2019 trends in this fifth opus...

5th generation heating networks: A challenge to integrate the new business model

5th generation heating and cooling networks are now showing up with the promise of new services.   What are these new services and how can blockchain technology facilitate their implementation?   Heating and cooling accounts for 50% of the EU's...

Women in Construction, Leadership Summit: Empowering women in the European construction industry

What makes a great woman a leader in the construction industry? On 26 September 2019, at Centrale Lille, 20 women with an exceptional career path from Europe (France, Belgium, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, Switzerland) and beyond (Canada, USA,...

GSA Trends 2019 #6 Urban solutions and the urban environment

We often speak wrongly of sustainable cities, forgetting that any construction, whatever its scale, is part of a whole from which it is inseparable.   In 2019, a clear trend is emerging, namely to take into account the spatial, but also economic,...

GSA Trends 2019 #2 - Building and resilience: necessary consideration and frustration

Second opus of our trend analysis of the 2019 Green Solutions Awards.   A short tour in warm climates, where building resilience and adaptation are essential. 2.1. The resilient building: a reality   The construction resilient buildings goes beyond...

GSA 2019 Trends #3 - When low-tech takes over

Low-tech is trendy in our Western societies, it is also trendy in the 2019 Green Solutions Awards to the point of competing with a major player in sustainable development: the passive.   Explanation and discovery of case studies. 3.1. Frugality is a...

4 Key points of the European Energy Efficiency Directive

One of the European Union‘s most ambitious projects is to achieve an intelligent energy transition resulting in a sustainable, competitive and secure energy system for all Member States.   And to achieve this goal, one of the tools the EU uses is...

GSA 2019 Trends #4 - Reducing the carbon footprint

One of the aspects that we will venture to describe as positive in these Green Solutions Awards is the consideration of the carbon footprint.   Few buildings, of course, offer a formal life cycle analysis (which is a matter of debate), but the...

Expert talk Green heat: from fossil to green heat

Heating and cooling in our buildings and industry accounts for half of the EU’s energy consumption.   In EU households, heating and hot water alone accounts for 79% of total final energy use (9.348 PJ); for Belgian households, the share of heating...

Passivhaus: the most represented label in the 2019 Green Solutions Awards

With 192 case studies in 36 countries, the 2019 Green Solutions Awards have been an unexpected success and have seen strong international growth.   The most represented label is Passivhaus, with no less than 15 case studies from 11 countries as...