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CUBE2020: why participate? Testimony of RATP Cubists

After having reduced their energy consumption by 12% between 2004 and 2015, the RATP renewed its engagement to reduce energy consumption by obtaining the ISO 50001 certification in 2017, setting a new objective of -20% between 2015-2025.   With 9...

NEW: Ecological loopback, or the benefits of a DHW loopback without the disadvantages

1. Hot water is made available as fast as or faster than with a conventional DHW circulation.   2. Direct hot water only to the faucet that has requested it.   3. No water wastage, you can enter the shower before opening the tap.   4. No waste of...

Cities to Be Congress: the program is online!

Cities to Be will be a highlight for the sustainable building sectors.   For the organizers of this event, Alliance HQE-GBC and Novabuild, Cities to Be intends to be the Congress of commitment, concrete solutions and action.   It will allow to...

EIT Climate-KIC supports digital roadmap for a circular economy

EIT Climate-KIC, along with several European stakeholders, is advocating for the alignment of the EU’s circular economy and digital agendas in a discussion paper published today.   The paper paves the way for a more extensive final study, scheduled...

Smart cities, smart islands and investment platforms

The conference was focused on the prospects of smart cities, smart islands and investment platforms in the EU; investment platforms – combining financing for smart cities in cohesions countries and creating a Croatian platform for smart cities and...

The Basque Country present its sustainability agenda during EUSEW

The Economic Development and Infrastructural conselor of the Basque Country’s government and the president of the Ente Vasco de la Energía (EVE), Arantxa Tapia and Iñigo Ansola, CEO of EVE, attendeded the European Union Sustainable Energy Week in...

Discover and vote for the Green Solutions Awards candidates of the international Construction21 platform

During four months, the 100 partners of the Construction21 network called for participation. Now, it is time to discover the candidates who responded.   Behind these competing buildings, districts and infrastructures are the next international...

The SB&WRC Project was selected to participate in the REGIOSTARS Awards: vote for it

The SB&WRC project (Sustainable Bio&Waste Resources for Construction) which aims to develop 3 innovative and low-carbon prototypes of insulation material for construction made from bioresources and waste products was selected by the Norfolk...

Sustainable finance: New EIT Climate-KIC supported report proposes basis for a future EU taxonomy in legislation

The European Commission has welcomed the publication of the three new important reports by the Technical Expert Group (TEG) on sustainable finance, including key recommendations on the types of economic activities that can make a real contribution...

328 Mayors have now joined the call for net-zero emissions by 2050

Since the Sibiu Summit on the 9th of May, when 210 European Mayors and leaders of cities across Europe urged the European Council and Member States to step up the EU’s climate commitments, over 100 Mayors joined the call to show global leadership...