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ExcEED briefing on EU data protection reform strengthening citizens’ rights. How does it impact the project?

From the 25th of May 2018, the most important change in European data privacy regulation, in two decades, comes into force. The EU General Data Protection Regulation aims to protect all EU citizens from privacy and data breaches. Although the key...

A snapshot of national renovation strategies: BPIE

A snapshot of national renovation strategies. Examples from selected EU Member States   This briefing provides a snapshot of measures supporting building renovation in selected Member States as of September 2017. As many national...

97% of buildings in the EU need to be upgraded

BPIE undertook a detailed analysis of EPC data and finds that 97,5% of the building stock, currently not in the A class, should therefore be upgraded, making the figure of 75% of the European building stock being ‘energy inefficient’ ...

BetterHome: An industry-driven one-stop-shop solution

Boosting renovation with an innovative service for home-owners   For building owners, the renovation process can be a hassle, shaped by the ambiguity of which measures to implement. Uncertainty is one of the reasons why...

Smart buildings empowering energy consumers: BPIE event

Smart buildings empowering energy consumers. From policy to real-world cases   BPIE and the European Copper Institute invite you to a workshop on smart buildings covering both the policy aspects of integrating such a concept in EU...

Financing future buildings in Central, Eastern and South-East Europe

BPIE analysed both EU and non-EU funding streams available in the region that could be used to improve the energy efficiency of the building stock. The analysis found that both funding supply into the region and demand coming from the region should...

Building investment in Central, Eastern and South-East Europe needs boost

Only 3% of the public funds that could be used to support energy-efficiency investments in the Central, Eastern and South-East Europe region are dedicated to upgrading buildings, according to analysis by the Buildings Performance Institute Europe (...

Building Renovation Passports: consumer’s journey to a better home

BPIE looks into how the individual Building Renovation Passport (BRP) can drive deep renovation across Europe.    A Building Renovation Passport is a document – in electronic or paper format – outlining a long-term (up to 15-20 years) step-by-step...

EmBuild project: Template for public sector renovation strategies

EmBuild template for public sector renovation strategies. A guide for public authorities   This guidance and template aims to be a useful tool to support public authorities in developing renovation strategies, with a particular...

BPIE policy factsheet: Attracting investment in building renovation

Achieving a decarbonised building stock by 2050 will require renovation at a faster pace and considerable investment, estimated at around €60-100 billion annually up to 2020, and more thereafter. Public funding alone cannot meet this requirement,...