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What do the changes to the Energy Efficiency Directive mean for your Utility

Europe is often cited as the most progressive continent in terms of climate change policy.  The European Union has set a goal of no net greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.   The European Green Deal has been established as a collection of policies to...

[Special WEBINAR Utilities] How to increase the energy service sales in SMEs

Learn how to accelerate the segmentation and personalisation of service offers to Utilities' customers, whether they are SMEs or large accounts. In that way, you will be able to increase the energy service sales of...

[WEBINAR] Energy Conservation Measures: How and where to invest?

How and where to invest in Energy Efficiency: Energy Conservation Measures   When we start an energy efficiency project, as a first step, it is recommended to carry out actions that improve the energy behaviour of users.    In general, behavioural...