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INCREAS Final Conference - Innovation and Creative Solutions for Cultural Heritage

The great achievements of INCREAS Project, such as Expert Pool and Online Marketplaces, will be presented to a broad public at the final conference. The Marketplaces in particular have enormous potential as a turntable/hub for...

REPLACE Project Final Conference - Keeping the heat on in times of crisis

Half of Europe’s energy consumption is used for heating or cooling. However, in 2019, 58 % of the 105.7 million space heaters installed in EU-27 (that were > 61 million units) have been inefficient non-condensing oil and gas...

District Heating and Cooling grids, key to energy transition

The D2Grids project, Construction21, Fedene, Ademe, FNCCR and Euroheat & Power, are glad to invite you to the event dedicated to district heating and cooling grids! The event will be held on Wednesday...

Quantifier « l’intelligence » des bâtiments

How smart is smart? Découvrez les outils pour la détermination de l’intelligence des bâtiments et quelles mesures pourraient être prises pour rendre les bâtiments plus intelligents.   Des exemples...

Educate consumers to increase the selling of heat pumps

Heating and cooling in households is responsible for 52% of final energy demand in Europe. Hence, EU energy policies (e.g. REPowerEU) are reiforcing the need to increase the selling and...

Smart Square Project

Smart Tools for Smart Buildings: Enhancing the intelligence of buildings in Europe The project Smart Square, aims to develop and deliver the appropriate tools and applications, which will enable the promotion and...


Co-creating Tools and Services for Smart Readiness Indicator (SRI) Uptake SRI-ENACT provides a holistic solution to facilitate the SRI uptake in Europe, by engaging stakeholders in the co-creation...


SUstainability and PERformances for HEROTILE-based energy efficient roofs SUPERHERO promotes the use of Ventilated and Permeable Roofs for an effective and low-cost answer to cities and buildings overheating. Here “passive cooling”...

Covenant of Mayors – Europe Conference “Cities on the frontline of the energy crisis”

The Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy – Europe welcomes you to the conference “Cities on the frontline of the energy crisis”. The event will take place in the heart of the European district in Brussels, in the EU Commission'...

Making cities fit for Green Deal Development – Impact Analysis

A team of Austrian and Bulgarian urban development, impact (focus GreenDeal) and IT experts is elaborating a training to strengthen the green skills of urban and rural development staff, including decision makers...