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Horizon 2020 - European Green Deal call factsheet

€1 BILLION for research & innovation to boost the EU´s green recovery. The European Commission tables €1 billion under Horizon 2020 to respond to the climate crisis, provide more protection to Europe’s biodiversity and habitats under threat,...

Understanding the Housing Affordability Risk Posed by Building Performance Policies

To meet ambitious climate goals, leading local and state governments are adopting ambitious energy efficiency policies that require building owners to make substantial capital investments in their properties. In affordable multifamily buildings,...

Succesful sustainable measures through innovative financing

Local energy efficiency and sustainability policies are mostly defined by the EU legal framework, how it is interpreted by cities and regions and how they will turn it into regional or local measures. Cities and regions across Europe are key in...

Renovating Historic Buildings Towards Zero Energy

This promotional brochure of Task 59 IEA-SHC highlights the project structure, the organizational details and the project´s objectives, which are the following: Develop a knowledge base on how to renovate historic buildings towards their lowest...

REMOURBAN – renovation of the FASA neighborhood

REMOURBAN is a large-scale demonstration project, whose objective is to accelerate urban transformation towards the concept of smart city taking into account all aspects of sustainability. The demonstration addresses a holistic intervention in...

Poland: Investment Plan for Europe - EIB supports affordable housing in the city of Szczecin

Szczecin has become the second Polish town to receive a loan from the European Investment Bank (EIB) to finance a municipal development plan for social and affordable housing. The EIB has agreed to lend up to PLN 85 million (approx. €20 million) to...

DG Energy September Newsletter

September newsletter is out!   Top stories EU energy in figures: Key energy data in your pocket   Other news Almost €1.4 billion requested in Horizon 2020 energy funding EIB and UniCredit Bank Austria finance...

European energy labels: rescaling and transition periods

As a result of the development of more and more energy efficient products, and because the difference between A++ and A+++ is less obvious to the consumer, the EU energy labels categories will be gradually adjusted to reintroduce the simpler A to G...

EDILIZIA INTELLIGENTE - Applicazione del pacchetto HEART a Bagnolo in Piano

La decarbonizzazione del patrimonio edilizio è tra le priorità del piano per la ripresa post-Covid e uno degli assi portanti del Green Deal europeo. Si stima infatti che il settore edile sia responsabile del 40% del consumo energetico e del 36%...

Assessment Model of End-of-Life Costs and Waste Quantification in Selective Demolitions: Case Studies of Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings

Abstract: Innovative designs, such as those taking place in nearly zero-energy buildings, need to tackle Life Cycle Cost, because reducing the impact of use can carry other collateral and unexpected costs. For example, it is...