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Francesco Mariottini

Marie Curie Researcher, Centre for Renewable Energy Systems Technology (CREST) at Loughborough University (Academia)
United Kingdom

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Energy renovation funding for 6,000 houses in Riga municipality

6,000 houses from Riga should benefit from funding for energy renovation   The municipality of Riga has created a revolving fund linked to a soft loan scheme which will provide loans at a low interest rate...

Analytics solutions: from data overload to improved building performances

The advent of IoT increase considerably the potential number of smart devices collecting data, resulting in an additional level of complexity for facility managers. Analytics solutions effectively manage the new state of...
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What are the main advantages of a quality management within building commissioning?

Like in a modern Tower of Babel, managing quality within building commissioning means ensuring collaboration and data sharing between different actors (i.e. building systems and people) and act to contain defects aiming to achieve...

Turning data noise into music: cognitive computing applied to smart buildings

On June 24, IBM’s Watson Internet of Things hosted at leaders, industry experts and technologists at The Crystal in London to examine how IoT is shaping the way we design, construct, use, maintain and experience the buildings...

Summary of REHVA Workshop on building commissioning: what’s in it for me?

Today there is a demand for building commissioning in almost all building projects. Many building owners have realized that the technical complexity of buildings has increased and it is necessary to manage the quality of any...

Debut of QUANTUM project at CLIMA 2016, in Aalborg

QUANTUM project aims to close the gap between actual and designed energy performances of buildings through Quality Management (QM).   The consortium organised its first successful  workshop at CLIMA2016, the 13th REHVA World...

QUANTUM project: quality management (QM) for building performance

QUANTUM, closing the gap between actual and designed energy performances of buildings through quality management   The estimated average gap between calculated and actual energy performance of the European...

Achieving higher building certification rating through commissioning

Demand for commissioning (Cx) is steadily increasing and a Navigant report showed that nearly 70 per cent of respondents identified green building certifications as a driver of Cx demand.   Fundamental Cx is mandatory fo...

Understanding the importance and triggering the demand for building commissioning

Commissioning makes sure energy efficiency investments maintain their optimal factory-intended operational states, regularly testing their performances. It was introduced in the late 1980s however, despite proven studies, global awareness and...