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Energy renovation of private dwellings still active in France

Recent results published by the French Energy Agency ADEME show that in the year 2013, 265,000 private owned dwellings and houses were renovated in France for a better energy performance. This corresponds to a 1.3% increase compared to the 2011...

Human behavior meets building intelligence: how occupants respond to “open window” signals

Systems that inform occupants about when to open and close windows (red/green lights, lighted signs) have become a popular, low-cost solution in U.S. buildings, in hopes of optimizing both comfort and energy performance. This project aims at...

Base de données équipements et matériaux pour les logiciels d'évaluation énergétiques des bâtiments d'habitation

This report proposes a first version of a database that could be implemented by French software editors to provide input data for the calculation of building energy performance.The proposed values correspond to typical equipment and construction...

Habitat neuf et RT 2012 : les solutions avec le fioul domestique

A deeply revised regulation on the energy performance of buildings (RT 2012) is applicable in France for new buildings since 1 January 2013.This document from the French association "Alliance Solutions Fioul" for the promotion of liquid fuels in...

Appréciation des logiciels d'évaluation énergétique des bâtiments d'habitation

Building professionals use software to assess the energy performance of buildings after renovation. Differences were observed between the results from different software.This report from a study operated by CSTB within the French program RAGE 2012...

Performance du chauffage - L'entretien des chaudières

This brochure from the French Agency ADEME explains to boiler users why regular maintenance and inspection are necessary in order to ensure safety, durability of appliances and good energy performance.It also shows the requirements of the French...

Murs doubles avec isolation thermique par l'extérieur

These professional guidelines from the French Program RAGE 2012 concern double walls with outdoor thermal insulation.More and more French buildings use the double wall technique: the inside wall is the bearing wall, the outside wall with its siding...

Façade multiple double peau ventilée naturellement sur l'extérieur

This guide from the French Program RAGE 2012 concerns naturally ventilated double skin facades.It describes the design and construction of double skin facades with a cavity (buffer) between the two skins that is naturally ventilated. It provides...

Recommandations méthodologiques pour faciliter l'évaluation des solutions de maîtrise de la demande d'électricité dans le secteur résidentiel, en lien avec le développement des smarts grids

This report from the French Agency ADEME proposes guidelines for the assessment of electricity demand-side management solutions in the residential sector, in connection with the development of smart grids.The proposed methodology suggests that these...

Guide des matériaux isolants pour une isolation efficace et durable

This guide about insulation of buildings has been published by the energy information centre, implemented by ADEME and the French Region of Alsace.The guide explains in a simple way the main notions linked to thermal insulation (...