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Communication Secretariat, DIRECTION - Demonstration of very low energy new buildings (Non-profit)



How to raise the number of nZEBs in Europe? - Interview with experts providing their insight - part 1

As part of the DIRECTION project´s outreach activity aimed at maximising replicability potential, Spanish-based partner DRAGADOS held a workshop in June with various experts about the future of nZEBs across the continent.José Luis Alfranca...

How to raise the number of nZEBs in Europe? – workshop summary draws on results from the DIRECTION project.

As DIRECTION heads towards its final months, workshops are being held to inform specific stakeholder groups about progress, achievements and opportunities that might derive from our project. This initiative is part of the project’s drive to enhance...

DIRECTION project´s 6th progress meeting marks start of home stretch: replication of energy saving measures in place and collecting data

The DIRECTION project is now entering its final months and the meeting (hosted by Coordinators CARTIF the progress meeting and general assembly was held at their premises in Valladolid, Spain last April 22 and 23) centered on monitoring,...

Virtual models to make cities greener

Retrofitting districts with sustainable energy systems can be a success if enough data is available to analyse the suitability of each chosen energy-saving solution.   Making a city or district energy smart is, first and foremost, an exercise in...

Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) in retrofitting: all stakeholders involved upfront

Involving all the players in a comprehensive retrofitting project from the start, an approach known as Integrated Project Delivery, could be the key to its success.Cuatro de Marzo is a district in the southern part of the Spanish city of Valladolid...

Transparency and residents’ involvement make retrofitting work

A residential energy-saving retrofitting program adopts strategies to convince local inhabitants of its benefits. One of the biggest challenges of retrofitting projects is to make them attractive to residents. Now, one of them, the EU-funded...

Multifold challenges for district level retrofitting

Retrofitting a district is quite different from retrofitting a single building as the technological challenges involved are far greater.The Cuarto de Marzo district of Valladolid, Spain is an area spreading over 21,000 square metres with 166...

Cities Join Forces to Retrofit Districts

All over Europe cities and towns strive to become climate smart. They revamp their energy districts, step-by-step, while looking across borders to learn from best practices. Cities have started to join forces to become more energy efficient. This...

Sustainable Places 2014 event: The DIRECTION to Sustainable Places in Energy-efficient Buildings Public-Private Partnerships (EeB PPP)

A major event for the energy efficient buildings (EeB) community is due to take place in the south of France early in October, and DIRECTION won’t be on the sidelines. Sustainable Places 2014, as it is known, will focus on energy efficiency at...

Direction Project - Control systems: a new solution for low energy buildings

Energy generation and management technologies are both essential to optimise energy efficiency when designing new buildings   CARTIF III is a new building that forms part of an applied research institute called the CARTIF...