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Communication Secretariat, DIRECTION - Demonstration of very low energy new buildings (Non-profit)



Leading the way for near zero-emission technologies and practice in Europe

22 demo sites in 11 countries showed why they are setting the standard for energy efficient building and smart city development during a conference held at the Committee of the Regions during EUSEW 2014 chaired by Sergio Sanz of Fundacion CARTIF...

User-led sustainable buildings

Users' perspectives play a key role in low-energy building. Experts agree that the feedback from people living in energy efficient buildings could help to optimise their overall usability.   Those who live in low-energy buildings are not experts...

As part of EUSEW 2014, DIRECTION and fellow projects BUILDSMART, NEXT-Buildings, and NEED4BE, are set to deliver a conference on nearly-zero energy buildings.

The conference, chaired by DIRECTION coordinator Sergio Sanz from Fundación CARTIF, will take place on 23 June 2014 at the Committee of the Regions in Brussels.   The DIRECTION project is...

DIRECTION fourth progress meeting in Munich

On 4 and 5 February 2014, the DIRECTION partners met for the 4th periodic progress meeting hosted by DIRECTION partner FACIT in Munich’s Domagkstrasse.   The DIRECTION project, co-funded by the EU within the Seventh Framework Programme aims at the...

BIM: changing the way architects and builders work

A process, called Building Information Modelling (BIM), is used by architects and building engineers to manage large data sets required for implementing building components during construction.   The construction of a building does not only start...

Ulrich Filippi Oberegger – Improving building design to reach zero-energy consumption

The goal of reaching zero-energy buildings can be met by improving their design and relying on renewable energies. Ulrich Filippi Oberegger is a senior researcher in the energy management in buildings group of the Institute for...

DIRECTION Project: A new collaboration era for the building sector

Building projects require processing and communication of large amounts of complex data. Now, software solutions make it possible to retrieve details of a given project at any time.   The building sector has traditionally been fragmented. Many...

Direction Project: Low energy buildings benefit from computer platform by improving decision making in the building sector

Low energy buildings can benefit from sophisticated computer platforms capable of integrating the diversity of technical information required during the building stage and beyond   EnginSoft, is an Italian consultancy specialised in computer-aided...

Spanish construction technology platform (PTEC) held its 3rd open forum on R&D and innovation for cities where the DIRECTION Project was showcased.

As a member of PTEC, Fundación CARTIF co-manages a work group on R&D and innovation strategies for city renovation ensuring these are in line with Horizon 2020. Alongside other members including Valladolid municipality, Fundación CARTIF...

DIRECTION Project @ the International CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) Conference

EnginSoft promotes adoption of a mathematical framework for optimising building refurbishment.   It was no surprise to see DIRECTION partner EnginSoft at the International CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) Conference on 21 – 23...