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Homes made with bio-based materials store CO2 just like trees

Houses built with bio-based materials, such as timber, straw and hemp, act as CO2 banks. Experts explain how citizens can become custodians of atmospheric carbon dioxide and thus help reduce air pollution.   Domestic efforts play an important role...

Isobio project workshop results: Bio-based building systems creating a bio-economy

Beyond research, towards the market   ISOBIO is emerging from the research phase and taking its first steps towards its target market. Bringing innovation and research outcomes to the attention of experts and stakeholders is...

Materials science: modernity juxtaposed with tradition in buildings

The Social Life of Bricks   A celebrity in the materials world, Mark Miodownik dreams of colour-changing walls and looks at the future of renewable buildings.   Mark Miodownik will never forget the day he became obsessed with...

Making bio-based construction materials mainstream: ISOBIO project

 Back to basics - Setting the path towards making bio-based materials mainstream: opportunities offered by nature are facing cultural, technical and market challenges     The University of Rennes hosted the first regional...

COP 21 wave - Towards a new era in the green construction sector

The impacts of the Paris Agreement on green business environment: The role of the private and public sectors, the effects in terms of legislative & legal frameworks and possible benefits for novel construction materials...

Bio-based insulation materials: innovation capturing the construction industry

ISOBIO project uses low carbon materials for better energy performance in building envelopes to capture the imagination of homebuilders and owners     Innovation in the construction industry will play an important role in...

Back to the future with nature’s own construction materials? - ISOBIO Project

Europe’s construction industry has a crucial role in cutting carbon emissions and energy consumption. But getting companies to ditch traditional building materials for greener, bio-based alternatives remains an uphill struggle. They are more costly...

Bio-based insulation materials: the construction industry's best kept secret?

Good news for those planning to build a new home: novel insulation materials based on plant waste, such as straw, clay and grass could offer 20% better insulation than traditional materials.   Other relevant factors, such as reducing the energy...

A tipping point for bio-based insulation? ISO BIO project outlines a radical approach in use of natural construction materials to scale

Bio-based aggregates such as straw, clay, wheat or grasses mixed with innovative binders might hold the key to a more environmentally friendly construction process and substantial improvements in energy efficiency for everything from individual...