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Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) Voluntary Common EU Certification Scheme - Definition of a Performance Scale

The EPBD Directive (in article 11(9)) requires the Commission to adopt, in consultation with the relevant sectors, a voluntary common European Union certification scheme for the energy performance of non-residential buildings. In 2011, the Comission...

Do we need a common EU certification scheme for non-residential buildings?

Answer to hrrp:// It seems that RICS welcomes the initiative and agrees the need of a common EU certification scheme. Also other stakeholders, like property federations, industrials and building professionals, underline...

Positive signs

In the presentation made by DGTREN, Unit 4, Energy Efficiency  on the recast EPBD, are some interesting points related to common methods (the basis for pan European software) as: -          the benchmarking methodology (slide 5); -          the...