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BPIE Building data: New online portal for buildings performance data in Europe

This open data portal presents facts and figures collected for ‘Europe’s Buildings under the Microscope’ study released at the end of 2011.It includes a wide variety of technical data never collected EU-wide before.

Training Local Authorities and Private Property Owners in Retrofitting Heritage Buildings

Array Background: Historic buildings are the trademark of numerous European cities, towns and villages: they are a living symbol of Europe’s rich cultural heritage that reflect society’s identity and give uniqueness to our cities. Yet, this is also...

Building renovation in Europe - what are the choices?

To achieve the EU's 2050 climate target in the building sector, going for a 2.3% annual renovation rate with strong emphasis on efficiency and high levels of renewable energy shall be the best combination according to the new Ecofys...

Multiple benefits of investing in energy efficient renovation of buildings

Impacts such as the following are expected: Rise of income and corporate taxes, Decrease of social costs, Employment generated, Energy bills in the public sector by 2020,... The study presents the issue from the following perspective :...

Retrofit for the Future at RetroExpo (NEC, Birmingham, 31 October - 1 November)

Array The objective of the programme is to demonstrate that cuts of 80% or more can be made in the energy demand and carbon emissions associated with the UK housing stock. It also aims to showcase the materials, components, technologies and...

Energy certification of buildings: A comparative analysis of progress towards implementation in European countries

In order to assess the experience achieved in this field in Europe, and in particular against the highly diverse settings of the different European nations, the "Energy certification of buildings: a comparative analysis of progress towards...

Property investors step up sustainability activities

Union Investment’s latest sustainability study, for which 172 property investors in Germany, France and the UK were surveyed, found that European property investors were broadening the scope of their sustainability activities. 34% of the property...

Brussels launch of ¨IEA World Energy Outlook 2012 - Unlocking the potential of Energy Efficiency¨ Report

Array The event will present the conclusions about the untapped potential of this premier report on energy & resources and confront it with EU energy policy and projections.As far as energy efficiency is concerned, the report will cover the...

A database on Building Energy Efficiency Policies is now available

The IEA Sustainable Buildings Centre has launched an interactive Building Energy Efficiency Policies (BEEP) database. The BEEP database gathers building energy codes, labelling and incentive schemes implemented at several levels in...

The objectives in terms of Energy Efficiency in the building sector need to be reajusted

The French Union of Electricty (UFE) has just released a study on how to steer the Energy Effiency policy, all types of energy considered. The UFE suggests in particular to reshape this policy in order to give the priority to the actions that try...