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Conférence: Comment éviter la précarité énergétique de nos copropriétés ?

Array Le budget chauffage et eau chaude de la copropriété représente 40% du total de nos charges. Comment diminuer ce pourcentage ? Les copropriétaires ne se rendent pas compte qu’avec un minimum d’efforts, on pourrait diminuer considérablement...

Towards a Common European framework for Sustainable Building Assessment (CESBA)

The European Union has set ambitious climate protection targets for 2020. The building sector represents a cornerstone. New quality standards for buildings are developing. Challenges for all stakeholders arise. Building assessment is the crucial...

Sustainable Building Center Online Platform

The IEA has launched its 'Sustainable Buildings Centre' (SBC) website! Check it out and explore its 'Building Energy Efficiency Policies' (BEEP) database HERE. SBC is the IEA’s online voice for low energy buildings. It includes: BEEP...

France: What if the Emission Trade System (ETS) would benefit energy efficient renovation?

President François Hollande announced recently that he would allow the refurbishment of 1 million existing houses per year thanks to France's CO2 allowances savings.   Such a commitment is in line with the 20% energy savings target that all EU...

Co-Ownership Issues Affecting Energy Retrofit Programs in Multi-Occupancy Buildings

Array "Co-Ownership Issues Affecting Energy Retrofit Programs in Multi-Occupancy Buildings" is the Third Event of the European Forum on Training and Skills For Re-”Building”. The European Forum on Training and Skills for Re-Building (The Forum) is...

The IEA is 'Implementing Agreements' in the field of building retrofitting

Through its broad range of more than 40 multilateral technology initiatives (Implementing Agreements), the International Energy Agency (IEA) enables member and non-member countries, businesses, industries, international...