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International Passive House Open Days

Simply walking into other people's homes? That is exactly what everyone can do during the International Passive House Open Days. Residents of Passive House buildings will open their doors to visitors during this annual open days event. They...

Passivhaus Austria

The "Passivhaus Austria" is a network of Passive House experts whose aim is to promote the Passive House standard.Das Passivhaus-Experten-Netzwerk setzt sich aus Architekten, Planern, Bauphysikern, Haustechnikplanern, Bauträgern, Bauherren,...

Worldwide first Passive House office tower certified

High levels of energy efficiency are all the more important when it comes to high-rise buildings. For the first time ever, an office tower in Vienna has achieved the Passive House Standard. The certificate was presented by Susanne Theumer of the...

Passive House Disk Salzkammergut

Basic design of the project:- Reuse of a discarded trade-fair pavilion- Energy efficiency through passive house construction- Reduction of materials used for construction and operation- Ecological, resource-saving and climate-...

Retrofit of Single-family house to Passive House standard

As for the floor, the high insulation standard could be reached by using vacuum insulation although the floor height was limited. The thermal bridges of the existing rising brickwalls were compensated by a circumferential umbrella-shaped insulation...

IG Passivhaus on YouTube


IG Passivhaus Österreich

Ziel der IG Passivhaus Österreich ist es gemäß den sehr ambitionierten Vorgaben des Europäischen Parlaments den Passivhausstandard bis 2011 in Österreich als erstes Land Europas als allgemeinen Standard zu etablieren. So kann der Österreichischen...