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BUILD UP Skills publishes first phase results: more than 3 million on-site workers in Europe require training on energy efficiency and renewable energy by 2020

The publication that is released this week bundles the findings and reports provided by the 30 BUILD UP Skills national project teams. BUILD UP Skills is a strategic European initiative to stimulate the training of craftspeople and other on-site...

OVERVIEW - BUILD UP Skills: Initial Results on Training the Building Workforce

The large contribution expected from the building sector to the European 2020 energy objectives and the transition to a low carbon economy is a major challenge to the construction industry, which needs to deliver renovations offering a high...

Launch of 21 Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE) projects to build up skills for the building workforce

During the next 18 months, they will establish national platforms to determine skill needs and training gaps for the building sector and provide strategic recommendations for qualification measures in national roadmaps.European exchange activities...

BUILD UP Skills Initiative - Information session for potential beneficiaries

Array The large contribution expected from the building sector to the 2020 objectives is a major challenge to the construction sector and to industry as a whole, which needs to be ready to deliver renovations offering a high energy performance as...

Call for tender for the continuation of BUILD UP

A call for tender for the operation, maintenance, improvement and promotion of the BUILD UP interactive web portal will be launched shortly by the Executive Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation. If you are interested in applying, check the...

New Report on Nearly Zero Energy Buildings in Europe- Perspectives and Paths to 2020