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Automated Carbon Reporting: Intelligence Meets Compliance webinar

Free Webinar - March 9th 2017 - 16:00 CET   Learn the Essentials of Carbon Reporting   Carbon emissions regulations are becoming more restrictive. Many countries will follow the lead of the UK or Germany where most companies...

DEXMA Webinar | Energy Efficiency: Trends and Predictions for 2017

What can energy managers expect from 2017?   As a busy energy manager, chances are you don't have time to scan Twitter all day to stay on top of the latest energy efficiency news and trends. With such an overload of information, it's more...

What are your energy efficiency predictions for 2017? Participate now!

This is the second annual DEXMA Energy Efficiency Survey, whose main aim is for your understanding of energy innovation challenges and exploring new opportunities to help make your work as energy managers easier and simpler.   Three reasons for...

How to Evaluate Energy Management Software

The best energy management tool is not the most expensive one on the market, or the one packed with the most features. It’s the one that fits your needs.  To clarify: not only should your energy management software suit your current project...

Optimise Gas & Thermal Heating Sources webinar

How to Optimise Gas, Fuel and Thermal Energy Sources in Your Building -  Webinar: 1st December 2016 at 3 PM CET (Barcelona, Spain)   Presenters:  Daniel Utges, Product Director, DEXMA Alfonso Pastor, Technical...

US Elections impacting global climate: What Can We Expect From the Next President on Energy Policy?

This week is one for the history books in the world of energy and climate. On Monday, the Paris Agreement entered into force and COP22 kicked off in Marrakech.  November 8th, the election of the next President is underway in the United States.  ...