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What Are the Top 5 Most Common Problems with a Hunter Ceiling Fan!

A worldwide known simple fact is that one company that you can trust for their quality and that are known for their reliability is The Hunter Fan Company which is why there is rarely a problem. With a Hunter Fan, after installation, you can look...

Some Ways I Help the Planet and Recycle!!

Are we all aware of environmental issues? I would be surprised if we weren't because there is no way to avoid hearing about what we should be doing to maintain the world’s equilibrium. I was a slow starter, what with being a 60'S child who went...

What is the difference between DC vs AC ceiling fans?

DC means direct current, AC means alternating current. AC changes direction 50 times a second. Both have been around for a long time and DC is used in batteries but originally DC meant a drop in power as you got further up the wire away from the...