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Olli Seppänen

Secretary General, Federation of European Heating and Air-conditioning Associations (REHVA) (Non-profit)

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Duct system air leakage - How Scandinavia tackled the problem

Duct leakage is detrimental to indoor air quality (IAQ), comfort, and energy efficiency. It is often accompanied by other problems, such as inferior commissioning and cleaning. Airtight circular (round) ductwork is known to have many other benefits...

Innovative solar control devices

Solar shading controls the amount of heat and light admitted to a building. By doing so, solar shading devices contribute to saving energy in various areas. They can reduce the need for heating or air conditioning by maintaining a more even...

French handling of alternative cooling techniques: free cooling and ground heat exchanger

Information Paper P185 of ASIEPI European Project

12 country reports on impact, compliance and control of EPBD available

Included countries are: the Netherlands Greece Spain Germany France Denmark Belgium Poland Norway Italy Finland Lithuania

Barriers and good practice examples identified during early implementation of the EPBD

This paper summarises a selection of some of the most common or most critical discussions and barriers for implementation of the EPBD and the solutions taken to resolve those in individual MS. The study is restricted to a specific set of such...

Evaluation of the impact of national EPBD implementation in Member States

The Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) only imposes Member States to set energy performance requirements, without any specification about their severity. As such, MS can fulfil  the provisions of articles 4 to 6 of the EPBD without...

Evaluation of compliance and control in different Member States

To achieve compliance with the EP-requirements, the responsibilities of the various actors are defined in the EPB-regulations of each country. While some variations exist the procedures are similar. It varies from the simple check of completeness of...

Summer comfort and cooling: calculation methods and requirements

Until recently, the focus of many EPB-regulations and much standardisation work has more strongly been on the energy consumption for space heating. However, in recent years growing attention is being given to the aspect of summer comfort (if...

Country reports on impact, compliance and control of EPBD


Commissioning for high performance buildings