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The ALDREN event in the EU parliament: Make the EU Green Deal implementation more efficient

The 22nd of January the ALDREN project organised an event in the European parliament with the support and participation of several Members of the European Parliament (MEP), hosted by MEP Ljudmila Novak, and the European Commission, on the topic “...

BIMplement project: greater energy efficiency using a ‘BIM airtightness model’

Topic of the month 'Digitalisation of the Building and Construction sector'​​. Improve building energy efficiency is one of the main issues of the BIMplement project. To that end, BIM (Building information modelling) is...

BIM: the collaborative work methodology that is revolutionizing the construction sector

The evolution of new technologies is leading the construction sector to a new revolution in the way of working, especially in the collaboration among the agents involved in the different construction processes.   Traditionally, for...

Financial benefits of deep renovation could help mobilize further investment and improve market financing conditions

Topic of the month (July 2019): Financing energy efficiency in buildings   Current levels of investment are insufficient to deliver on the Union's energy objectives for 2030.   Estimates suggest that around €100 billion need to be invested annually...

BIMplement training program in France: current status and follow-up

One of the objectives of BIMplement’s project is to create a new generation of professionals and craftsmen, qualified to deliver high quality nZEB-projects by using technical, cross-trade and BIM skills and competences.   To this end, training...

Development and Implementation of a BIM – enhanced Qualification Framework

Nearly Zero Energy Building (nZEB) construction and renovation need an enhanced systematic approach for quality control of the entire process. The most important part of the BIMplement enhanced quality control approach is a...

Benefits of BIM and its level of adoption in European countries

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is at the centre of a digital transformation of the construction sector and the built environment. The European construction sector represents 9% of EU GDP and 18 million employees being a driver for economic...

¨LESS COMPETITION¨ - A international competition for improving energy performance in retail space

Array The Challenge:The point of the competition is to develop innovative products, technologies or services whose implementation in stores like CONSUM supermarkets will lead to enhanced energy performance and therefore a reduction of the CO2...