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Portaal duurzaam Bouwen

This portal is an initiative of the Brussels and Walloon Regions on the topic of sustainable construction. It provides information for:   various types of professionals (contractors, road works, architects and consultant, property investors and...

Flemish Region (Belgium) - Double glazing mandatory in all buildings in 2020

The Flemish government has decided on July 15 2016 that  double glazing will become stepwise mandatory from 2020 onwards. The approach is based on a point-system:   from 2020 onwards, a dwelling without double glazing will receive 9 points; from...
Ask the Experts

Is there a unique definition in Europe for a Nearly Zero-Energy Building (NZEB)?

Yes and No:   YES: There is in article 2 of the EPBD Recast (Directive 2010/31/2U) a European definition of 'nearly zero-energy buildings: ‘nearly zero-energy building’ (NZEB) means a building...

International Societies form Indoor Environmental Quality – Global Alliance (IEQ-GA)

 A newly formed alliance seeks to serve as a global source for information, guidance and knowledge on indoor environmental quality. A memorandum of understanding creating the Indoor Environment Quality Global Alliance was signed...

IEA EBC Annual report 2013 (IEA Energy in Buildings and Communities Programme)

This report presents an overview of the main activities of the IEA Implementing Agreement on Energy in Buildings and Communities Programme.The IEA-EBC Programme is an international energy research and innovation programme in the buildings and...
Link - European Research Media Center with section on energy is an independent non-profit media agency promoting the leading-edge European innovation via TV media and the web. designs and implements media communication strategies for large research organisations and EU-...

MEEFS - Multifunctional Energy Efficient Facade System for Building Retrofitting

The MeeFS project aims to develop, evaluate and demonstrate an innovative multifunctional façade system for drastically improving the energy efficiency of retrofitting geared towards the residential building sector across Europe. The team will work...

Dynastee newsletter 2013/3

The Dynastee network (DYNamic Analysis, Simulation and Testing applied to the Energy and Environmental performance of buildings) is an informal grouping of organisations actively involved in the application of tools and...

Interlaboratory tests for the determination of repeatability and reproducibility of building airtightness measurements

This internet presentation discusses various issues regarding repeatability and reproducibility of building airtightness measurements. The presentation was done in relation to the activities of the Air Infiltration and Ventilation Centre (AIVC) and...

Luchtdicht Bouwen

This is the website of the project 'Luchtdichtheid van A tot Z' (Airtightness from A to Z), financed by the Flemish government (IWT) with BBRI, Bouwunie, Vlaamse confederatie Bouw en NAV as partners. The focus of the project is on the optimisation...