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Peter G. Schild

Senior Scientist, SINTEF Building & Infrastructure (Non-profit)

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TEK-sjekk: A national energy calculation tool

Features: Calculates whole-building energy performance and indoor climate, using hourly climate data for a year. It is an EPBD calculation tool that can be used for checking compliance with the Norwegian building regulations (TEK),...

Sammenlikning og analyse av krav til energieffektivitet i bygninger i Norden og Europa - Comparison and analysis of energy performance requirements in buildings in the Nordic Countries and Europe

Findings: Norway appears to presently have the tightest overall minimum requirements for U-values of individual building components in Europe, possibly also the world, just ahead of Sweden. The U-values that are required to...

Recommendations on specific fan power and fan system efficiency

Topics covered include: Definition and measurement of specific fan power (SFP) and fan system efficiency (Figure 1a). Definitions include SFPe, SFPv, SFPi, SFP_ahu, SFP_fcu, and SFP_bldg. How to account for intermittently operated fans, e.g....

Good practice guidance on thermal bridges and construction details - Part 1: Principles

Information paper P188 of the European Project ASIEPI Even in well-insulated buildings, thermal bridges are often neglected. A third of EU Member States have no real ‘good-practice’ guidance on thermal bridges in the framework of their building...