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Policy Recommendations

For the current program period EU has dedicated a significant part of the European Regional Development Fund to achieve a low carbon economy. In Sweden these funds are partly managed by regional programs and partly by a national regional fund.  ...

Tecnological Solutions

EFFECT4buildings is mapping and spreading knowledge on technology solutions for energy efficiency in buildings to achieve economic savings.   Building managers gain from better knowledge on their profitability, performance and how to order them to...

EFFECT4buildings International Magazine for Building Managers

This is EFFECT4buildings magazine   EFFECT4buildings project is providing building owners and managers with a set of financial tools and instruments to support the implementation of more energy efficiency measures, developed, and...

Multi Service Contracting

Multi service contracts is a method used for energy efficiency contracting to add other co-benefits such as lighting, indoor air quality, temperature, noise, esthetical values and well-being issues in the investments.   These co-benefits are...

Bundling Tool

Taking care of many measures simultaneously in energy investments is difficult, but bundling can make it easier. It enables one to combine many small measures into one package, which can increase the profitability of an investment and make it look...

Financial Calculations

To predict the profitability of an investment, financial calculation methods are used. Since the traditional approach, based on pay-back time, is inefficient, the project propose tools (in web and Excel versions) that enables one to employ several...

Energy efficiency toolbox for buildings is ready to use

Energy efficiency toolbox for buildings is ready to use and available   EFFECT4buildings project has published a toolbox with financial tools and instruments for energy efficiency in buildings. The toolbox with different supportive...

EFFECT4BUILDINGS Final Online Conference

FINANCIAL TOOLS AND INSTRUMENTS FOR ENERGY EFFICIENCY IN BUILDINGS   EFFECT4BUILDINGS FINAL ONLINE CONFERENCE   8 December 2020, 9:00-16:00 CET-time   for the conference you may register here: https...