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Buildings in the Clean Energy Package – a BPIE guide

On the 30th of November 2016, the European Commission released important pieces of the European energy legislation, gathered in the previously-called Winter Package, now renamed Clean Energy for All Europeans, placing consumers at the heart of the...

CommONEnergy & Modena Canaletto: the transformation of a shopping centre into lighthouse project of energy efficiency

This supermarket which has approximately 1,200 m2 dedicated to the sales area is located in a residential zone close to the centre of Modena. The building underwent renovation during the summer 2016 before reopening in September. Around 50 workers...

Modena shopping centre has officially reopened!

This supermarket with an approximate 1200 m2 selling area is located in a residential area close to the centre of Modena.  The renovation took place during the summer of 2016 and reopened in September 2016. Around 50 workers were onsite per day...

Economic Assessment Tool: shopping centre retrofit

The economic assessment tool allows estimating the energy saving potential and economic benefits of retrofitting shopping centers. The tool targets managers and owners and allows entering relevant information about their centre. It provides quick...

Energy audits: CommONEnergy project

The main idea of CommONEnergy is to shift from single-action refurbishments to deep – energy performing - retrofitting. The basis for doing so is a systemic approach involving technology solution-sets and innovative methods and tools, named Systemic...

Smart Coating materials: CommONEnergy project

One of the methods to reach the CommONEnergy aim to re-conceptualize shopping malls through deep retrofitting is the development of a systemic approach made of innovative technologies and solution-sets. This report  (Deliverable 3.6 from the...

Interaction with local energy grid: CommONEnergy project

This report (Deliverable 2.4 from the CommONEnergy Project) focuses on the interaction between shopping centres and the local energy grids to which they are connected. The aim is to identify key aspects and understand the potentials associated with...

Typical functional patterns & socio-cultural context: CommONEnergy project

One of the goals of CommONEnergy is to define drivers for retrofitting, as the basis to develop energy retrofitting concepts. In order to define those drivers, shopping centres need to be analysed not only as buildings for retail activity but also...

Identifying & analysing shopping mall inefficiencies: CommONEnergy project

Developing optimal solutions to reduce energy use in shopping centres starts with identifying and analysing inefficiencies. Getting to know the stakeholders’ needs and opinions contributes to understanding and dealing with these inefficiencies.  ...