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Integrated design and building process: what research and methodologies are needed?

The integrated design process encompasses cross-disciplinary teamwork enabling the improved integration of building, community, natural and economic systems and therefore is a key to sustainable design. The needs for further research, methodologies...

Strategies for Integrated Design of Sustainable Tall Buildings

This research paper examines the process of integration of tall building systems with special emphasis on sustainable buildings. The design of tall buildings warrants a multidisciplinary approach and requires the integration of architectural...

The Integrative Design Guide to Green Building: Redefining the Practice of Sustainability

"The members of 7group and Bill Reed are examples writ large of the kind of leadership that is taking this idea of green building and forming it into reality, by helping change minds, building practice, and design process." (from the Foreword by S....

Fundamentals of Integrated Design for Sustainable Building

"Fundamentals of Integrated Design for Sustainable Building offers an introduction to green building concepts as well as design approaches that reduce and can eventually eliminate the need for fossil fuel use in buildings while also conserving...

“Le nuove sfide della progettazione integrata per il benessere e il risparmio energetico negli edifici”

Per l'edizione 2014, il Comitato Tecnico Scientifico ha individuato il tema delle sfide della progettazione integrata per il benessere e il risparmio energetico negli edifici. L'argomento al centro del Convegno coinvolge i molteplici aspetti della...

PUBLICATION: Zero-energy buildings: the challenges

In the EU, a Directive was adopted according to which after the 31 of December 2020, the construction of buildings that do not meet the requirement of being ‘nearly zero (fossil) energy’ will not be allowed. Today, only a few zero-energy buildings (...

GreenBuilding Integrated Design Award Ceremony 2014 - SAVE THE DATE!

The time has come: The first annual award ceremony for the GreenBuilding Integrated Design Award (ID GB 2014) will take place at the IEECB fair in Frankfurt, Germany, which is part of the Light+Building fair.   The prize will give...

GreenBuilding Integrated Design Award | DEADLINE: 1 March 2014

The GREENBUILDING INTEGRATED DESIGN AWARD (GB ID Award) aims to highlight projects that have exemplified ID processes.INTEGRATED DESIGN (ID) is a design procedure that considers the building as a whole system with the aim of...

Optimization of the installation of an Earth-to-Air Heat Exchanger and detailed design of a dedicated experimental set-up

Earth-to-Air Heat Exchangers (EAHE) represent a relatively simple technology that can be easily coupled with traditional HVAC systems as well as with hybrid systems in order to exploit the thermal capacity of the ground. The air is pre-heated in the...


The final version of the Integrated Design Process Guidelines have been published in Slovakian and are available on the website of the MaTrID Project. These guidelines aims at providing a clear step-by-step...