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CUBE 2020: addressing the energy transition for non-residential buildings

Large companies are looking to equip themselves with a bottom-up approach to foster environmental performance in buildings to complement the top-down policies available in their significant portfolios (certifications, ISO 50001, facility management...

CUBE 2020: first summer ranking demonstrates contest’s effectiveness

As the “Tour de France” pack of cyclists just biked the first kilometres of the race, the first snapshot is presented of the 236 public and private commercial buildings that have taken the lead in the 2017 Contest for better Use and Building...

CUBE 2020 - Energy savings in 236 buildings aiming for the best progression by 2020

As the 2020 milestone for both EU and French domestic climate and energy goals approaches, the energy savings contest CUBE 2020 gets more relevant than ever.  It is indeed a solution for owners and users of commercial and educational...

Mobilising the building occupant: energy use and behaviour change at work

How to mobilise the occupant? The sense of control   The sociological feedback from the survey “Sociocube”, a study led on the first edition of the CUBE 2020 contest (a one-year energy efficiency competition between buildings),...

Building owners and tenants collaborate in energy savings

Tenants – owners might collaborate. Fine, but how?   I, landlord, collaborate with my tenant on an energy savings project   Europe, according to the second report on the state of the energy union, [1] is more or less in...

CUBE 2020 interview: Competition for energy savings in commercial buildings

38,5% of energy savings in CUBE 2020? It's possible.   The building Quai Vendeuvre won the grand prize of the energy savings contest CUBE 2020 in 2016. While the 3rd edition of the contest just started, let’s ask the...

CUBE 2020 scales up to European countries in its 3rd edition

Following the successful participation of two Belgian candidates (Dupuis Publishers and TPALM, both medalist) in its 2nd edition, the CUBE 2020 contest for a better use in efficient buildings moves forward: the 3rd edition will start on...

Energy Flexibility in buildings: moving the energy transition forward

  Why you should study energy flexibility in buildings     What is it? Is it useful to make preparations for it?   « On a fresh and sunny Monday morning in the winter of 2023, a huge iconic building, the...

CUBE 2020 competition: building end users acheiving energy savings

CUBE 2020, A TOOL FOR ANTICIPATING THE COMING REGULATION FOR YOUR BUILDINGS’ ENERGY PERFORMANCE   Concours Usages Bâtiment Efficace 2020 (CUBE 2020) is a general interest initiative aimed at assisting major users of...

Concours CUBE 2020 dans le tertiaire : les champions sont peut-être chez vous!

CUBE 2020 est une compétition ouverte à tous visant à mobiliser les utilisateurs des bâtiments tertiaires de bureaux et d’enseignement, sur les économies d’énergie pendant toute l’année 2014.Encouragées par des animations ludiques tout au long du...