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Full scale test facilities for evaluation of energy and hygrothermal performances


Stimulating increased energy efficiency and better building ventilation


Invitation to a webinar on 'Envelope airtightness measurement method and equipment - Building preparation and uncertainty estimation'

The objective of this webinar is to discuss proposals: - to better define the building preparation ; - to estimate the uncertainty in the derived quantities which are used as a reference versus a minimum requirement and/or in energy performance...

The implementation of energy efficient buildings policies in Europe

Array It will be held on 2010 February 24 from 2 pm to 4 pm (Paris time, GMT + 1 hour) with the following agenda: Benchmarking of national energy performance requirements - methodologies and results, Marleen Spiekman, TNO, Regulations as tool for...

International workshop 'National trends of innovative products and systems for energy-efficient buildings - Barriers and strategies for an accelerated market uptake'

Array The expected outcome of this workshop The findings will be documented into a report that will summarise barriers, strategies and a sample of best practices for an accelerated market uptake of innovative products for energy-efficient and...

International workshop on Impact, Compliance and Control of Energy Performance Regulation