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Public Affairs Advisor, Glass for Europe

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Glass for Europe's Industrial Renaissance - Shaping EU policies 2014-2020

Glass for Europe, the association for Europe’ manufacturers of building,automotive and solar-energy glass is proud to release its policy manifesto for the next mandate of the European Commission and Parliament. The document entitled “Glass for...

Collect, Sort, Recycle! Glass is a resource let's not waste it!

Glass from building demolition and renovation should not be treated as a waste. The European flat glass industry is eager to use more recycled glass into their manufacturing processes and believes that EU targets on recycling would boost the...

Energy efficient windows - Make the right choice of glazing

The aim of this short video is to explain to decision-makers and the general public, the contributions of windows in buildings. When most people still resonate in terms of simple, double or triple glazing, Glass for Europe tries to shed light on the...

Video: The smart use of glass in sustainable buildings

Glass and buildings have a centuries-old intertwined history. Glass products have always been used to bring daylight into buildings and provide a view to the outside world. However, thanks to the continuous improvement in thermal insulation, glazing...

An integrated policy approach to sustainable buildings

In July 2013, the European Commission launched a public consultation on sustainable buildings. Glass for Europe fears that the upcoming communication may become a missed opportunity for Europe to drive change in the construction industry. The EC...

The smart use of glass in sustainable buildings

This booklet demonstrates that glass products are essential contributors to low-energy and sustainable buildings. It provides examples of different building types (offices, single-family homes, schools, hospitals, etc.) located under the various...

Sustainable buildings: the case of glazing

Sustainability of buildings covers energy efficiency. It also encompasses environmental aspects such as minimising CO2 emissions from manufacturing, increasing recycled content of products to limit recourse to natural resources, avoiding usage of...

Europe's flat glass industry in a competitive low carbon economy


We Can’t Live Without Space+Light

In February 2013, HomeWise commissioned a survey that revealed people feel dissatisfied with their new build home after only two years of moving in.Three key issues stood out as the biggest problems for residents of new build home:Energy, Space and...

Energy balance: the right approach to assess the energy performance of window products