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111.000 homes to be refurbished to zero-energy

Four constructors and six housing corporations signed a deal called “De Stroomversnelling” (or "The Rapids") on the 20th of June 2013. The goal of this collaboration: to refurbish 111.000 homes to zero-energy, starting with 11.000 homes and ten...

Montferland, 61 dwellings for sale and rent; energy-neutral

The focus of the 61 houses for sale and rent in Montferland is on energy saving, living comfort, sustainability and the quality of the urban development as well as the architectural design. The initiative was taken by the housing corporation Bergh...

IEA EBC Annex 56: Cost Effective Energy and Carbon Emissions Optimization in Building Renovation

In Annex 56  a new methodology for energy and carbon emissions optimized building renovation, as a basis for future standards, will be developed to be used by interested private entities and agencies for their renovation decisions as well as by...


EnergielinQ is the knowledge hub of the transition program “Energiesprong” , Energieleap in Dutch.All the knowledge of the Energyleap at one place including experience and experts and available to everybody.Energyleap wants to undertake energy...


Platform 31 is a foundation with 25 years of experience in the (social) housing sector. Since 2010 it has been running the 5-year innovation-implementation program « Energiesprong » (EnergyLeap in Dutch). Platform31 supports professionals and...

EnergLeap "Energiesprong"

Information is provided about the 5-year innovation-implementation program « Energiesprong » (EnergyLeap in Dutch) which helps to create market conditions for an energy neutral built environment in the Netherlands. The website shows inspiring...

Courses on commissioning: TVVL- Dutch Society for Building Services

The goal of the TVVL course is to make a commissioning plan; coordinate, plan and eventual do the work involved in this commissioning plan. The basis comes from the ASHRAE guideline 0-2005, which has been made applicable for the Dutch situation....

IEA ECBCS Annex 47 ¨Cost Effective Commissioning of Existing and Low Energy Buildings¨

 The goal of this IEA project, Annex 47 (2005 - 2010) is to enable the effective commissioning of existing and future buildings in order to improve their operating performance. Commissioning methods and tools are required to ensure that advanced...

IEA ECBCS Annex 40 ¨Commissioning of Building HVAC Systems for Improving Energy Performance¨

The primary goal of building commissioning, from an energy perspective, was to verify and optimise the performance of energy systems within a building. The objective of this IEA annex (2001 - 2004) was to develop, validate and document tools for...

Renoveren A+ : a tool for advice on large scale building renovation

"Renoveren A+" is a free tool to assist in the selection of necessary measures to accomplish deep renovation. The tool supplies information towards a solution strategy for a given energy ambition, whereby the starting point is the reduction of the...