Learn About Kudos

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What are Kudos?

Kudos is a peer recognition program, a way to acknowledge the activity and reliability of registered members.

How does it work? Each activity a registered user performs on the portal is awarded a numerical value which is associated to the member’s profile. In other words: the higher the total number of Kudos a member has, the more active he/she is.

Kudos do not only help to locate highly active BUILD UP members within the community; they also serve to track down users with comments, cases and posts highly rated by their peers. Kudos also affect the order of the People’s list, giving more visibility and recognition to active members.

Following is a list of the activities awarded with Kudos:


Personal profile
Activity Score
Register a new account 100 kudos
Update user profile - complete profile 40 kudos
Update user profile - picture 20 kudos



Propose, post, invite, forward...
Activity Score
Blog post or comment 40 kudos
Propose a portal item (News, events, publication, link) 60 kudos
Propose a portal item (case, tool) 80 kudos



Activity Score
First time Community facilitator 300 kudos



Activity Score
Login to the portal (with user name and password).
Maximum 10 kudos per week
10 kudos
No login to the portal during a month -10 kudos


What does “% Completed Profile” mean?

According to the amount of personal information provided by registered members in their profile, the system calculates a “percentage of completeness”.

profile section % completeness average
current position 10%
Bio 30%
languages 10%
Upload CV 25%
Areas of interest 10% (at least one)
Social profiles 10%
Expertise keywords 5%

The Kudos score will appear in the user profile and will be integrated into the filter of “People” in order to see the most important and active users of the platform.