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Increasing Energy Efficiency in Buildings with Internal Insulation:the European Gypsum Industry Solutions

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The gypsum products and solutions in the built environment look at the whole life cycle of materials and ecological properties that create innovative solutions reconciling extraction (recycling of gypsum waste and use of by-product as a raw material) with other ecological requirements like increased energy efficiency (gypsum plasterboards contribute with the insulating material to the performance of external walls and linings), acoustic performances (gypsum walls, ceilings and floors with insulation materials create quiet zones in the house or business environment), fire protection (Gypsum is non-combustible and able to delay a fire’s spread up to 4 hours) to name a few. The properties of Gypsum and the products’ eternal recyclability improve the overall eco-efficiency and sustainability of buildings.

In the field of energy efficiency in buildings, the European Gypsum Industry has developed innovative, technological, energy-efficient solutions for building interiors, with a complete offering for walls, floors and ceilings. Internal insulation is very effective in case of renovation and refurbishment. However, we should not forget that substantial energy savings can also be achieved with new buildings.
The European Gypsum Industry is convinced that internal insulation techniques are an integrated part of the solutions package for reaching a low carbon economy and green growth. Therefore we produced this brochure to share and transfer our knowledge and achievements for an uptake of those techniques all over Europe with the objective of making internal insulation happen when and where it makes sense.

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