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The International Energy Agency launches the 'IEA Sustainable Buildings Centre'

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The IEA Sustainable Buildings Centre (IEA-SBC) offers various information on low energy buildings to the reader. The IEA-SBC's goal is to make policy recommendations and provide governments and other stakeholders with knowledge on proven building energy policies; to enhance global information sharing on energy efficiency policies for buildings; to develop energy efficiency indicators to enhance analysis of policy scenarios and monitor progress on policy implementation; to promote exchanges of knowledge among policymakers and energy policy and technical experts in the buildings sector; and to create networks and opportunities for collaboration on low energy policies and technologies.

The Centre offers the Building Energy Efficiency Policies database (BEEP). Policy-makers, practitioners, industry and researchers from all over the world will be able to access this database and look at effective policies which are being implemented. These policies include:

  • Buildings Energy Codes, including minimum energy performance requirements that focus on achieving Zero Energy Buildings;
  • Buildings Energy Labels which increase awareness about energy consumption in the buildings sector; and
  • Incentives schemes for training, technical assistance and raising awareness


The database is a collaborative effort between the IEA secretariat, governmental representatives, researchers and experts from the participating countries. So far, the database includes information from IEA member countries as well as China, India, Tunisia, South Africa and Russia. The IEA secretariat welcomes countries all over the world to submit information on their buildings energy efficiency policies to be included in the database.

Frequently asked questions answered on the website include:

  • How much of the world’s energy is consumed by buildings?
  • What does primary energy consumption mean?
  • What does final energy consumption mean?
  • How much energy do electronics and computers consume in buildings?
  • What are the main policies to reduce energy demand in the buildings sector?
  • What does S&L stand for?
  • What is an Energy Performance Certificate?
  • What does Zero Energy Building (ZEB) mean?
  • Can Zero Energy Buildings be built in any climate and for any type of building?
  • What does passive house mean?