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MECO – Mouvement Écologique Centre

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This is a new building which is home to the Mouvement Écologique Centre (Ecological Movement), known as MECO. In terms of layout, the building houses the centre's offices along with the associated facilities (administrative offices, meeting room, archives, brasserie). The first floor is for the general public, with a library and open spaces for the public.

The building is almost entirely made from solid timber in both the structural parts and the cladding. The use of reinforced concrete has been limited to the areas where it is strictly necessary. The result is a simple building with a number of open and flexible floor areas.

The client´s objectives were based on the passive building model with the aim of becoming a showcase for the solutions devised in response to sustainable development issues.
As a result, the new building has been constructed in accordance to ecological principles and it fulfils the criteria of a passive building; having very good thermal insulation across the whole of the building's outer shell, optimisation of the windows and doors in the outer walls, efficient sun shades, the ability to absorb internal heat energy, ventilation heating and potentially a heat pump to generate heat.

As the old building had serious issues with stability, dampness and available floor space, the decision was taken to demolish it and erect a new building in its place. The proposed building, MECO, was to be built using materials that are healthy, innovative and environmentally friendly both today and in the future and which reduce the consumption of resources. It had to convey an ecological message whilst also ensuring its quality in terms of architecture and energy efficiency (...)


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