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Living Lab Ncube: prefabricated single family passive house

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​The future of one-family housing brought to life in a prototype house in Luxembourg is the result of three years of development and cooperation with a number of partners. With the support of the Luxembourg Ministry of the Economy, the support of Neobuild, Newconcepts and the H Tudor Public Research Centre and in partnership with the companies - Dupont de Nemours, Bosch, Saint-Gobain Glass, Home Eos and Peintures Robin, the Luxembourg-based wood construction specialist Naturhome SA has designed Ncube.  This is a highly industrialised approach to construction which is used to build passive one-family houses that are AAA-rated (mandatory standard for new builds in Luxembourg from 01/01/2017) and AAA+ (energy-positive house from 01/01/2019)  - not to mention being well-equipped and finished, all on a modest budget.


By bringing together at the construction site the 2-D prefabricated walls and self-supporting 3-D modules which are fully fitted out in the factory (international patent pending) and making use of innovative materials and equipment, it is possible to provide a home which is cutting edge in terms of its thermal and acoustic performance whilst remaining affordable.


The inspiration for Ncube is drawn from the production and organisational practices of the automotive industry. This also applies to its marketing: an online configurator allows the potential builder to design their future house and to get a price for it immediately.


The Wincrange "Living Lab" is a house which has been built using the techniques of Ncube. It will be lived in and fitted with sensors. Neobuild will monitor its thermal and acoustic performance throughout the year, along with variations in moisture and VOC levels. The purpose of these measurements is to confirm the laboratory results in a real-life environment (...)

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