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P2ENDURE - Deep Renovation Joint Workshop

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The event is hosted by P2ENDURE, an EU funded project that has received funding from the Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. It is organised in conjunction with EENSULATE and ENVISION H2020 projects.

P2ENDURE promotes evidence-based innovative solutions for deep renovation based on prefabricated Plug-and-Play systems in combination with on-site robotic 3D-printing and Building Information Modeling (BIM), demonstrated and monitored at 10-real projects in 4 geo-clusters with EU-wide replication potentials.

Among the project targets is that to improve the availability and performance of energy saving solutions for deep renovation and transformation of vacant, obsolete or sub-optimal public buildings into dwellings.
The project provides Plug & Play solutions which are:

  • ready to implement,
  • affordable,
  • 50% faster from production to on-site assembly,
  • scalable and adaptable (in all European countries).

The "Deep Renovation Joint Workshop" will bring together stakeholders representing key decision makers and implementers in the field of deep renovation of buildings, along with retrofitting solutions users, and developers for an array of interactive poster sessions and discussions, and a unique hands-on showcase of innovative deep renovation of building solutions.

The objective of the Workshop is to raise awareness on the most innovative building renovation and energy saving solutions and as well as to present and discuss altogether the main features of P2ENDURE e-Marketplace. Dedicated interactive poster sessions and P2ENDURE e-Marketplace workshops will take place.

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