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This Webinar finished September 20 at 15 CET.

You can listen to the Webinar:


This Webinar, organised by Eurac research and in collaboration with the BUILD UP team, is focused on teaching you all about deep renovation and prefabricated solutions and the H2020 project 4RinEU.


A big part of Europe's building stock is inefficient in terms of energy use, mainly as a consequence of excessive heat losses through building envelopes and lack of efficiency of the HVAC systems. Nevertheless, very few buildings, around 1,5% of the existing stock per year (BPIE, 2016), are undergoing deep renovation, and when it happens it results often more expensive than initially foreseen.


The EU H2020 project 4RinEU aims to address these issues, providing innovative methodologies and cost-effective technologies to encourage large scale renovation of existing buildings, fostering the use of renewable energies, and providing reliable business models to support their applications.

The project deals with all the phases of building renovation, from the audit to the building site management until the end-of-life.

One of the backbone of the project is the definition of cost-effective deep renovation packages including prefabricated plug and play solutions.


Within the webinar, Gumpp & Maier presented the development of a prefabricated multi-functional façade with the integration of ventilation and the preliminary results of the prototype tests, Eurac showed the approach for the definition of the 4RinEU deep renovation packages and the Building Management of the Municipality of Oslo demonstrated the implementation of 4RinEU solutions on a real case, renovated on the last June 2018.


For more information, please check the 4RinEU website: