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RESTORE Training School 2019: new deadline for applications!

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COST Action CA16114 RESTORE: REthinking Sustainability TOwards a Regenerative Economy. 

The Construction and Operational phases of a building are crucial in realising the regenerative sustainability vision, intent, concept and design. Construction can be regenerative, with those involved in the construction phase (contractors, subcontractors, specialists, manufacturers…) giving back more than they take from nature, the environment, the people who work for them and the communities they are working in. A regenerative operational phase is crucial, ensuring that facilities can truly give more than they take. Increasingly important as regenerative buildings tend to have a design life of 250 years and beyond.


The Spring COST RESTORE Training School will enable you to learn, explore, evaluate and takeaway knowledge of the thinking, tools, techniques and approaches that will enable regenerative construction for your project, your clients, in your business, research and studies.


The Spring COST RESTORE Training School “Regenerative Construction and Operation” is open to European professionals, researchers, PhD and master students with relevant skills in one (or more) of the thematic areas: construction, facility management, procurement, retrofitting and second life. Experience and focus on regenerative and sustainable approach are privileged.


Any interested applicant is required to demonstrate experience and competence in the above mentioned focus (professional or research experience). The participant will be organized in teams, hence in the application, please refer to your area of focus (construction, facility management, procurement, future life).


The applicants will participate in the school activities from Monday the 11th of March (h 9.00) to Wednesday the 13th of March (h 21.00).


The 25 selected trainees will benefit of a Trainee Grant. This grant will cover the travel, accommodation and expenses up to 480€ for the three days. Eurac Research, Grant Holder of RESTORE  CA16114 Action, will provide the meeting rooms at NOI Tech Park, Via Alessandro Volta, 13, 39100 Bozen (IT).


To apply to the RESTORE Training School 2019, please send the following documents to

  • a cover letter briefly introducing yourself, any previous sustainability experience and why you are wanting to attend (max one page);
  • how you will benefit from the TS and disseminate learning through education or awareness sessions within your own institute or countries (max one page);
  • your CV (max 2 pages);
  • eventually a portfolio (max 2 pages).

Proposals will be collected until deadline.


Application opened: 6th of November 2018
New Applications submission Deadline: 13th of January 2019
Confirmation to the selected Trainees: beginning of February 2019
Deadline for e-Cost registration and confirmation: 20th of January 2018 Training School Days: 11th of March (h 9.00) to 13th of March (h 21.00).


For further information visit Restore Website.