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The triple win approach with EPC as solution for the split incentive in residential buildings

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The split incentives dilemma may be the single most significant challenge to the economisation of energy efficiency projects worldwide. The Triple Win approach can be a solution.


The split incentive dilemma is a problem that when a building owner invests in energy savings, the benefits are not enjoyed by the owner but the user, which results in a severe modernisation backlog.

Using an EPC contract a fair share of the benefits can be divided among the building owner, the tenant and the ESCO.


This webinar shows Triple-Win-Solutions for the Split-Incentive-Dilemma in residential buildings.


The program starts at 15.00h CET

* General introduction to guarantEE

Selina Roskam - Netherlands Enterprise Agency (


* Triple win approach in residential buildings

Reinhard Ungerböck - Graz Energie Agentur (GEA)


* The model behind the Deventer Woningabonnement

Marnix van Os - CoTrust


* How to persuade residents

Ron Sintnicolaas - Municipality of Deventer


Triple win solutions are developed in the H2020 guarantEE project, see

Netherlands Enterprise Agency ( on behalf of the guarantEE H2020 project
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